Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jobless Rates 10% Above Reported Rates

John Williams, on the Unemployment Rate

John Williams, founder of Shadow Government Statistics, calculates that the jobless rate is a full 10 percent higher than the government is reporting. He also discusses the news Monday morning that American companies (including Sprint, Home Depot) are cutting about 43,000 jobs:



Curious 1 said...

What about Ogden's shadow government? I understand they meet at Sue Wilkerson home weekly to discuss city polices. "G" Train, Tom Moore, and some other realtors.
Might be just a rumor, but seems plausabe.

ozboy said...

The RDA, especially Ogden's, is a true shadow government. Owned by the people but completely free from any normal democratic rules and reporting requirements. In Ogden's case just a free cash drawer for the Lil Lord to dispense public money to his cronies with stupid ideas that could not get financing otherwise.

Your haunt said...

And do not forget one of the primary reasons (according to Senator Stephenson) why Weber County and Ogden are considered the highest taxed entities in the entire State of Utah. And that is true for the past ten years by the way.

And don't forget that no one seems to care, which explains it all. I say that as the only person out of 127,000 population who even showed up for the county budget meeting last year. The only person to speak out against these bozos.

Admittedly, many of you might well have appeared and objected publicly to the Ogden City Council.

Amazing~ simply amazing with all this active wordie participation, that not a sole came to object to what the commissioners had done and were doing.

Think it is called apathy?

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