Monday, January 12, 2009

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff: The Blogger

Spotlight on a unique "politician's blog"

This morning's Standard-Examiner carries an AP story this morning, reporting that Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff remains adamant about his intention to investigate whether the BCS bowl system violates violates federal anti-trust laws.

But to our minds at least, here's the most interesting part of the story: Shurtleff is a blogger.

Yes, this morning's AP article does refer to Shurtleff's January 11, 2009 post, in which he defends the expenditure of taxpayer resources to "fix" the "broken" NCAA Division 1A playoff system, but that's not all. (Get ready for the neck snapping segue.)

There's actually quite a bit more to behold on Shurtleff's blog:

1) Although Shurtleff is clearly a diehard Utah Utes fan, he's not a johnny-come-lately in his affection for sports in general, either.

2) And although there's some decidedly politically self-serving material on his blog, at least a few of his posts are quite personal and self-revealing. For instance, check out his 8/28/08 and 8/30/08 posts, wherein he reveals in a most personal manner, more than you ever wanted to know about his recent series of surgical procedures.

3) Shurtleff is unafraid to pose in front of a garbage bin, so long as it's for a good cause.

4) Shurtleff supplies other articles as well, giving us a glimpse into his personal philosophy, with a less than normal ration of "politician-speak."

Unlike most politicians who've ventured into the blogosphere, Shurtleff delivers more than political rah-rah on his blog, we think. Prior to checking out his blog, we were inclined to believe that Shurtleff was just another stuffed shirt. Au Contraire, gentle readers. Here's something to do on this, on another Emerald City slow news day. Peruse the pages where our GOP Attorney General lets it all hang out:
Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
So what say our gentle readers about this? Does Shurtleff's blog help display the heretofore publicly unknown humanity of the man? Or is this the work of just another politician, campaigning for the next higher office?

It's a slow news day, as we said. Still, that's no reason for our normally verbose readers to clam up.


Curmudgeon said...

Things I Would Rather Do Than Spend Time Visiting a Blog Where Mark Shurtleff "Let's It All Hang Out:"

1. Clip my toenails

Curmudgeon said...

2. Watch "Bowling for Dollars" re-runs.
3. Read galleys for Chris Buttars' autobiography
4. Look for typos in the Salt Lake City phone book
5. Watch the entire 24 hour "Randolph Scott Film Festival" coming on Encore Western Channel 23 Jan.
6. Read "The Wit and Wisdom of G. W. Bush."
7. Attend a faculty meeting.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

May I add two to that list:

Scratch my ass and wind my watch.

(that may only count as one - with these new fangled self winding watches you can do both at the same time)

The guys a bum Rudi so save your republican apologist crap for some one more deserving. He has repeatedly ignored many well documented complaints from Ogden citizens about the apparent criminal conduct of the Lil Lord and his evil minions. Arrogant republican crooks covering for hubris laden republican crooks.

Keisha said...

For the record Rudi, Shurtleff isn't the first politician tacky enough to display his surgical incision in the media.

Lyndon Johnson did it in 1963, before Al Gore invented the internet, of course.

Mark Towner said...

Arrggh!!! I remember the heady days when I was marching with the Republican party under the pirate flag of Captain Shurtleff (oh my captain) before I cut, ran and joined the Democratic Party.

Those wuz the days indeed!

If he's politically smart, he should get a pegleg, pull out his own eyeball, put on an eyepatch, and continue runnin' the old GOP pirate ship.


comptemptuous said...

"One ahh shit wipes out one thousand atta boys".

Shurtlef supports "userous" and oppressive loan shark businesses most States have banned via denial of business licenses. And the simple minded "Rocky Mountain Jew" took his family on vacation, to the Bahamas, using the Payday loan industry lobby money, to fund his trip. Clearly an unethical and immoral boondoggle, obstensibly "for his support speech" at the nefarious, and possibly Mafia controlled, loan shark business convention.

Curt Bramble, Senator from Provo, and the ex Representative and Speaker of the House Curtis have apparently been setting the ethics standards for the legislature and State elected offices. Curtis is gone...that's one out of three with at least two to go.

And only in Utah, could such a low life be upheld and supported as "Thrice blessed" and reelected, ironically, to the State Attorney General office.

arny said...


Amen to that!

Utah Bubble Guy said...

Don't we get to hear the lies of politicians enough ;)

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