Friday, January 09, 2009

Std-Ex: Hansen Bill Would Rework Window for Voter Challenges

Proposed curative legislation in response to Boss Godfrey skulduggery

By Curmudgeon

Amidst all the football humphery and outraged throat-clearing, don't miss the Standard-Examiner's front page story this morning on Rep. Neil Hansen [D-Ogden] submitting a bill to require advance challenges to voters to be made at least 30 days ahead of the election.

The story notes skulduggery on the part of Hizzonah Mayor Godfrey's partisans in the last mayoral election, who deposited with the clerk a long list of challenged voters just before election day, making it nearly impossible to vet the challenges by election day. Voter suppression the intended goal. Story also notes another candidate for election downstate ... a Republican of course... who challenged just before election day the eligibility of nearly every registered Democrat in his voting district. Hansen's bill makes good sense.

Kudos to Hansen. Good story. Good bill.


watching it happen said...

I understand that Hansen also has a bill that is to provide voter registration on election day. Wouldn't that help stop all of the tom-foolery of the those that want to make a game of the election process?
Once again its is a democrat that is making the most sense here.

RudiZink said...

Dang, Curm; I believe you've coined a new and useful English language term:


Couldn't find it defined via the usual sources, so I'll assume for the moment that this elegant and self-defining term is one of your own creation.

I've been casting about, trying to categorize this term for usages in the English language.

Onomatopoeia perhaps?

Humphery is DEFINITELY going into the WCF Lexicon, (which will be published for our Weber County Forum's amusement shortly).

English language scholars and regular lumpencitizens are cordially invited to chime in on this topic right now.

ozboy said...

Hubert Humphrey (suspiciously close to Humphery) was a big time democrat (VP under Johnson) who got beat in the presidential election by none other than the most crooked president in history (republican of course)

Interesting that Mr. Curmudgeon would coin a derogatory political term that sounded so much like a famous democrat. Do you suppose that he had subconscious motives?

Curmudgeon said...

Oz and Rudi:

In re: humphery. What I was aiming for was something suggesting throat clearing outrage with slightly pompous overtones. Whether that also calls to mind the late [and much missed in these dark days] Senator Humphrey [D-MN], I leave to you.

RudiZink said...

"What I was aiming for was something suggesting throat clearing outrage with slightly pompous overtones"

Exactly, Curm,just as I intuited!

Onomatopoeia... just as I suggested. Brilliant conjunction of sound and description too, I'll add.

Your newly coined term ranks right up there with "Vegetation-obliterative activity," methinks.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment promoted to the WCF front page

danny said...

Hansen's a good guy. But watch. The national Democrats will introduce so many stupid laws in the next two years they'll get knocked out of Congress, just like happened when Clinton went in, and when Carter went in.

This last election wasn't about electing Democrats, it was about voting out Republicans. Democrats just happened to be the tool we used. It doesn't mean people like them.

But Hansen's a good guy regardless of party.

dan s. said...

This bill is long overdue and we all owe Neil Hansen a big thank you for being the one to introduce it. Even though it's been Republicans who have recently abused voter challenges, this shouldn't be a partisan issue. It's about our fundamental right to vote. Let's hope the legislature passes the bill without delay.

ozboy said...


This bill makes way too much sense for the Utah Legislature to embrace it. Most anything Hansen proposes will meet a quick demise as Hansen also makes too much sense for the bozos in charge.

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