Saturday, January 17, 2009

Huntsman Picks DeCaria For the 2d District Court Bench

Parley Baldwin's vacant slot to be filled by an Ogden Home-boy

Good news from this morning's Standard-Examiner. Governor Huntsman has appointed Weber County Attorney Mark DeCaria to fill Parley Baldwin's vacant seat on the 2d District Court bench in Ogden:
Weber County attorney named 2d District judge
We're strong advocates of the principle that the governor should fill judicial vacancies with jurists who reside in the same judicial districts and communities over which they preside. In the past, Governor Huntsman has unfortunately exhibited the tendency to appoint Salt Lake lawyers to fill vacant 2d District Court slots. This time however Huntsman definitely got it right.

Our congratulations to Ogden home-boy Mark DeCaria for his appointment to this important local judicial office.

So what say our gentle readers about all this?


Wm M said...

Honorable suits DeCaria just fine ... I've always thought he was pretty square shooter ...

Curmudgeon said...

Hmmmm.... Odd. The post Mr. DeCaria holds at the moment is filled by partisan election. Yet the post, by Weber Country Republican Party apparatchik Rudi does not mention Mr. DeCaria's party affiliation. What could it possibly be, I wonder...?

RudiZink said...

Ahem... Curm: The 2d District Court post is no-partisan, so how could DeCaria's party affiliation be germane to our discussion of his new judicial appointment?

In that connection, BTW, here's something which might be of interest to our resident Weber County Democratic Party Apparatchik, now that he's brought the subject up:

We have it on good authority that the Weber County Republican Party Executive Committee, by unanimous vote, approved and sent a letter to Governor Huntsman just last week, recommending Home-boy Decaria (and only Mr. DeCaria)for immediate appointment to Judge Baldwin's vacant seat.

And yes, Wm M, DeCaria's appointment received broad bi-partisan support. I think everyone who's ever dealt with Mr. DeCaria recognises that he's a square shooter.

danny said...

If memory serves, DeCaria was the guy who whitewashed Godfrey's "vangate" scandal, were Godfrey followed somebody with an anti-Godfrey slogan on his van, then, finding him to be a city employee, promptly put him on leave.

DeCaria followed the time honored policy of protecting the political class, and now, unsurprisingly, he has been rewarded. He is not a "straight shooter" unless that means he knows whose boots he needs to lick and who eagerly does so.

He replaces judge Parley Baldwin, who fined Dorothy Littrell $15,000 for having the audacity to be concerned about the mayor's bogus campaign paperwork.

So one hack has been replaced by another. The fact that he is supported broadly by the whole crony network only shows how rotten and useless our partisan system has become.

Curmudgeon said...


Actually, I thought including DeCaria's party affiliation was a chance for you to make a few points for Gov. Huntsman [R-
Zion], who has of late shown some signs of being that most endangered of endangered species, the Moderate Republican.

Of course, it's not clear whether the man known around the better coffee houses of Ogden City and Salt Lake as "Signin' John" --- he's been willing to sign damn near every piece of wing nut legislation that the Rabid Right vomits forth from the Utah Legislature --- has evolved backbone enough to stand against the current Froot Loop majority. We shall see. His willingness to appoint a D to the judgeship is a good sign, I admit.

long time OLDTIMER said...

Mark de Caria may be considered a square shooter but he sure as hell was a do-nothing District Attorney.

Let's hope his replacement has more guts and initiative to finish projects de Caria started but never completed.

He is absolutely worthless in my opinion.

lionel said...

Danny and Old Timer

I fully and unequivocally agree with your assessment of Decaria. He had plenty of chances to bring a little light and justice to the several years of criminal conduct by the Goddfreyites. Every time he weaseled out and stiffed the good citizens of Ogden. He absolutely is no better than Baldwin.

RudiZink said...

Per Curm: "Actually, I thought including DeCaria's party affiliation was a chance for you to make a few points for Gov. Huntsman..."

So now you learn, however belatedly -- that this alleged "GOP Aparatchik" isn't a GOP journalistic hack.

We report the stories here at Weber County Forum as we find them.

That's it.

Let the chips fall where they may here, with regard to the developing news, shall we say.

Take notice said...

Well well
With the appointment of Decaira as a judge, This now makes Rep. Hansen the longest and most senior of the elected officials. Can you believe that. Rep Hansen the only Democrat, North of the great city of Salt lake, to be in an elective office. Will some one offer him a job? I don't think so, because he is the only one that really represents the people with out prejudice. I am very proud to know him. Should a job come his way I don't think he would take it. He likes to be his own man, and not to be a stooge for others that may have their hands on the bread and butter that he would need.

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