Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tough Luck for the Billonaire's Son-in-Law, Chris Peterson

With a new Snowbasin "base village" planned for Morgan County, the Godfreyite screwup Chris Peterson gets shafted yet again

The Standard-Examiner announces today the prospect for a four-season resort at the foot of Mount Ogden:
Snowbasin oficials ‘base village’ vision in Morgan
Snowbasin officials continue to convey exceedingly bad news to Chris Peterson, and to what remain of the "Lift Ogden" lemmings.

Tough luck Chris. It appears that Snowbasin's "lower village" will ultimately be in Morgan County, and NOT Malan's Basin.

Here it is again today for those folks who missed it in the past, from Sinclair Oil vice president for government relations for The Sinclair Companies, Clint Ensign, for what seems like the unpteenth time:

"Snowbasin’s master plan does not include plans for a gondola into Ogden."

Write it down so you don't forget it, people.

We're also wondering how it was possible for possible for Chris Peterson to have so botched the marrying of the billionaire's daughter? How is it possible that Chris Peterson could have so wholly screwed up his relationship with the Holding family and Sinclair Oil so thoroughly and completely? What's evident, for whatever reason... neither Earl Holding... nor the Holding family-held Sinclair Oils, Inc., will throw Chris even so much as a bone.

Oh that's right: Chris Peterson is an FOM, a friend of the bumbling and serially mendacious Matthew Godfrey, which pretty much tells the whole story.


ozboy said...

All power in the Sinclair empire flows from Big Earl. After he goes to the big hotel in the sky all power will be vested in his wife and kids, one of whom is married to Chris Peterson. I think it is premature to count Peterson out so quickly. He just may be in a position one day to give Mr. Ensign his walking papers, or at least to have total control over Snow Basin. Big Earl has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel and that day may be sooner than later.

I also note that Mr. Ensign did not say that this plan was cast in concrete, but rather just their current thinking.

Mr. Peterson remains a clear and present danger to the well being of Ogden as he remains smart, connected and motivated to prove all the town's naysayers wrong about his castle in the sky.

ET said...

About a year ago I heard another Chris Peterson story. Maybe some WCFer can verify it for me.

A local (Ogden) sports store owner said that Chris Peterson's wife had been counseled by Earl Holding to wait on serving her divorce papers, until Mr. Holding had re-worked his will, to completely exclude Chris Peterson, but not Mr. Holding's daughter. I realize that folks around here like making up stories. I never shared this one with anyone, so I have no idea if there is any truthiness to it.

Marion said...


Highly unlikely. The Holding empire is famous for secrecy, especially as pertains to the family. This kind of family insider information, even if true, would absolutely never become public. Besides, inherited money is not community property unless co-mingled. That in itself would make this scenario non-sense.

curmudgeon said...

Well, I don't think all this counts much as news. From the Oly land swap on, SB management has made plain its intent to turn SB into a destination four season resort, with condos, apartments, possibly hotels, restaurants, shoppes, summer sports, etc. The only thing waiting was the timing. And that matter... when all this will happen... doesn't seem to have been addressed by today's story either.

As for who's married to who, and what's the state of the marriage and such like and who might get what when someone else dies... Guess I am an old mossback. I figure that's (a)none of my business and (b) none of my business and (c) none of my business, and so not properly part of a public discussion about Malan's Basin and Snow Basin and public policy.

ozboy said...

I know this ain't a comedy blog, but I sure busted a gut when I read today that our straight from central casting, ever so handsome, slim and sartorially perfect governor has appointed the fat, frumpy and gluttonous car salesman L. Miller to be the head of a new state commission on ethics and democracy! This is the same bulgy and dumpy golf shirt wearing public trough slopper who came to Ogden one cold winter day to tell all those who opposed Little Lord Godfrey's enormously expensive and public ripp-off Junktion what a bunch of petty little obstructionists they all were for exercising their democratically guaranteed right to voice their opinions about their government and the lies and manipulations that the Republic of Ogden's Lil Lord had subjected them to in order to raid their wallets to pay for the cheesy pile of crap.

Only in the Republic of Utah could you have a car salesman head up a statewide ethics commission!

dan s. said...

Just want to point out that the Godfrey-LO spin on this article will be as follows:

"Snowbasin's announcement makes it even more urgent that we develop a resort in Malan's Basin. Otherwise skiers bound for Snowbasin will entirely bypass Ogden."

The counter-argument, of course, is that Malan's Basin is too small and poorly situated to hold much of a resort, so anything you could build there would be relatively inconsequential.

Southsider said...

Dan S.,

He's already given us a scarred, boarded up riverfront; why not add a scarred, boarded up mountainside!

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