Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bicycle Fun: How to Get the Best Outta Your Sturdy Bicycle

Here's something interesting and more than slightly invigorating on a S-L-O-W Weber County Forum news day:
Sadly, this is something you'll never be able to do @ Boss Godfrey's totally lame INDOOR REC CENTER .

We're filing this enlightening video for good reason... "high adventure" athletic inspiration.

No political implications, please. Just enjoy is all we can say, hehehe.

The above shouldn't be confused with this, BTW, wherein PeeWee Herman, perennial winner of the "Boss Godfrey Lookalike Contest" is again a dead ringer for The Little lord on Nine in this exciting but totally off-topic bicycle video:
A Weber County Forum Tip O" The Hat, by the way, to gentle reader OneWhoKnows2 for the much-appreciated up-page "Way Back Home" link!


Danny said...

For what it's worth, my lampooning of Mayor Godfrey were always political - their purpose was to cut him down to size and show him for the below average, venal person that he was, as a way to neutralize the oversized influence he had as mayor.

In other words, they were classic first amendment stuff.

Once he's gone, I don't plan to make fun of him ever again - because the purpose for doing so would no longer exist.  Making fun of the powerful to bring them down to size is one thing.  Just making fun is another. 

And on top of that, when he's gone, and I do hope he will be completely gone, I hope never to have to think about him again.

Ozboy said...


His stink will be pervasive in Ogden for many years to come.  Besides which, I think he will reach even greater heights of foolishness with public finances when he becomes Emerald City's new $150,000 a year plus perks CFO!

Like all great bad dreams, the little bugger will just keep coming back to haunt the fine citizens of Oz.

Curmudgeon said...

On the film:

 So, is that sort of thing Charlie Trentelman does as he pedals to work each day?

rudizink said...

Hmmmm... Now that I think about it, I believe this footage may very well actually BE of  Mr. Trentleman, captured on video as he pedals to his job on the Std-Ex, just as on any typical Ogden morning.

Then again... maybe NOT.


rudizink said...

The opportunities for lampooning will be abundant in this election too, Danny, especially with Boss Godfrey's #1 slavish sock-puppet, Brandon Stephenson, running for Boss Godfrey's seat.

We'll all be sitting on the edges of our seats (I'm sure), awaiting your upcoming brilliant and satirical political broadsides.

Amongst the list of folks in and about Emerald City whom we consider to be creative "treasures," you're surely among those at the top of our WCF list.

We're thus sitting on our seats' edges, as we said.

Ozboy said...

So Rudi, do ya really suppose that the ever so lame Mr. Stephenson is actually the Wizard of Oz's hand picked successor?  

Or perhaps one of the other candidates holds that great dis-honor?  Does any one hereabouts have any factual info that would cast a little light on that question - who is the Boss' stooge?

You can tell a lot about a guy by considering their prodigies and Stephenson as one's heir apparent would speak volumes about the Wiz!
Surly he wouldn't pick some one so profoundly weak in mind and character, or would he?

althepal said...

Dang Rudi!  In many ways this new video is almost as good as this one you posted earlier!

Fly Your Wingsuit - Special "High Adventure" Video Bonus Feature for a Weber County Forum Saturday afternoon

rudizink said...

"...do ya really suppose that the ever so lame Mr. Stephenson is actually the Wizard of Oz's hand picked successor? "


I wouldn't put anything past these corporo-fascists idiots 

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