Monday, July 11, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Marshall White Center Now Thriving

So exactly who was the naysayer in this instance?

Following up on the theme set forth in the Standard-Examiner on August 12, 2010, Scott Schwebke provides another encouraging story about the "total turnaround" of Ogden City's Marshall White Center (MWC):
As regular readers will recall, it had been Boss Godfrey's plan two years ago to cut off all city funding to the MWC ; and the Ogden City Council fought back. The Center however is now fully funded and enjoying unprecedented success, thanks to the visionary foresight and dogged persistence of our Class of 2008-09 City Council majority (Garcia, Gochnour, Jeske, Stephens and Wicks).

And yes... keeping the pool open turned out to be a great idea, too... didn't it, Boss Godfrey? So exactly who was the naysayer in this instance?

So who'll be the first of our gentle readers to throw in their own 2¢?


Ozboy said...

Wellllll, I must admit that I was rather vocal in my criticism at the time over the city transferring control of the MWC to the OWCAP, but it seems that I was wrong!  Yep, believe it or not I actually made a bad call once in my life!   Sooooo, alls I can say is _ Nevermind!

I am grateful to that council who stood up to the little tyrant and insisted on continued funding for the MWC  so that we could have this good news today.

rudizink said...

I don't believe you were at all wrong in your  opposition to Boss Godfrey's initial plan, Ozboy, which was to clip out MWC funding and to close the swimming pool.  As you'll recall, OWCAP had applied for at least a $half-mil in grant funding... funding which never came through... funding which (in Boss Godfrey's pipe dreams) would have freed the MWC from furth Ogden City funding.

Happily, the 2008-09 Council (the strongest we've had in Ogden in many years) told Boss Godfrey to put his MWC privatization scheme "where the sun don't shine;" and we're now reaping the results of that Council's decisive action.

Ozboy said...

Speaking of Po' folks, and wandering way off subject here, there is an interesting article in today's Trib about the ever soooo glamorous royal couple of England visiting skid row in Los Angeles - a place I am quite familiar with incidentally.

See the article here:

Well now I don't mean to be raining on any one's parade, nor intruding into Mr. Curmudgeon's curmudgeonly turf, but am I the only one who picked up on the obscene juxtaposition between the following paragraphs from the article?

"Skid Row, with its intractable poverty and
largely homeless population, could hardly stand in starker contrast to
the more glitzy parts of Southern California that the couple has seen on
their whirlwind visit."


"Kate, as she is better known, wore a
navy-and-white crochet top and a white pleated skirt, both by U.K.
fashion company Whistles."

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