Friday, July 01, 2011

Council Approves Resolution to Encourage Civil Dialogue During Public Meetings

Who will be the first to chime in with their own Ogden City Council Meeting Godfrey Administration Brow-beating Beatdown Horror Story Anecdote(s)?

One of our alert readers has tipped us off on an encouraging recent Council Resolution, adopted without fanfare on June 28 of this year, designed to Encourage Civil Dialogue During Public Meetings:

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We've gotten numerous comments expressing outrage at the way Godfrey and Patterson personally attacked Dan Schroeder after he spoke at a council meeting regarding the field house a few months ago. And who can forget the public hit-job Boss Godfrey pulled on The Utah Heritage Foundation's Kirk Huffaker, who had the actual temerity on 12/7/10 to offer his expert opinion to the Council on the questionable "wisdom" of raising building height limits on Two-Five Drive? We called upon the council to offer its apologies to Mr, Huffaker in the latter instance; and we also wonder if these incidents didn't play a role in the adoption of this resolution.

Of course, there had been many earlier incidents of the same type. Regular WCF readers will especially remember when Godfrey attacked George Hall during another meeting on the height limit ordinance for 25th Street. And at earlier times, Godfrey attacked Mitch Moyes and David Smith and many other Ogden citizens who merely showed up at their Ogden City Council meetings, simply to express their citizen opinions. Then there was the notorious Scott Brown incident...

So what about it, O Gentle Ones? It might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and recall some of these episodes... dontcha think?

Who will be the first to chime in on this topic and lead the discussion, with their own Ogden City Council Meeting Godfrey Administration Brow-beating Beatdown Horror Story Anecdote(s)?


No Way Jose said...

How funny. With this new "Catilin" resolution, will this idiot "Council Chair Gochnour" actually find the courage to call into action the "Council Sargent at Arms?

No way will this bitch ever find such courage!

Dorrene Jeske said...

When I was running for a council seat. there were many council meetings that I attended and without fail at just about everyone of those meetings, someone from the audience who spoke during the public comment time were insulted or ridiculed in some way, not just by the administration, but by council members.  I was appalled when a council member was extrmeley rude and insulting to one of  the religious leaders of the Episcapaleon (please excuse my misspelling)  Church of the Good Shepherd.  I was ashamed that he belonged to the same religion that I do and was so judgemental and insulting. 

I could write a book full of such incidents, but that was one of the worst that I e4xperienced. 

Ogden Resident said...

Rudi has done a good job recalling some examples of inappropriate behavior on the part of Patterson and Godfrey.  I remember when Amy was chair, and she'd give Godfrey a time limit like everyone else, and tell him when his time was up.  And I think the comments about Caitlin are unfair.  Caitlin, I think, influences policy more than most realize - she just does it quietly.  In fact, I think she has largely neutered Godfrey in terms of policy, and that's one reason why he's not running. 

Amy's approach was fun, but Caitlin's is also effective.  Don't hold it against her that she takes care of business in private.

Blackrulon said...

As long as Matthew Godfrey is mayor and is allowed by council rules to speak at will with no time limit civility will not be returning. Godfrey is allowed to get the final word on any subject before the council.

Curmudgeon said...

Off topic:   The SL Trib has up an article by Lee Davidson on line this afternoon with an interesting passage. The article reports yet another fired state official saying he was let go for not rubber stamping the TRAX station site development that Rep. Curtis wanted approved. The interesting part of the article is this passage:

His allegations — uncorroborated by any documentation — are denied by Curtis and Jason Perry, who served as head of GOED and, later, as Gov. Gary Herbert’s chief of staff.

"... uncorroborated by any documentation...."   How many stories has the SE run over the past ten years summarizing some claim by the Ogden City administration or or spokesmen, unvetted and unchecked.   The Trib above seems to have found a simple way to let readers know that a claim it is reporting as news has not been vetted and did not come accompanied by "any documentation."   Might be an approach to reporting politician's press releases and self serving statements that could serve the SE's readers well in the future.   Just an idea....

Full story here:

Ozboy said...

Well it looks like we won't have Godfrey's lap dog Patterson to kick around anymore.   It was announced today that Casper, Wyoming has hired him as their new city manager.   The poor folks in Casper have no idea what a hole he is going to put in their pocket books before he is through with them.

So so long Johnny boy, you are a nice guy, but a complete political hack who has been devastating on poor Ogden's city treasury.


And how about Mayor Godfrey trivializing the Utah State Attorney's Office for "wasting time" on the FNURE and Envision Ogden investigations on our local television station?  Below are a few direct quotes from Blain Johnson, you know, the famous Ogden attorney and "other lap dog" for the Mayor. 

"I know I didn't do anything wrong," he said "I received the funds, and I reported it."

"Johnson said he believed Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate was a legitimate organization, despite not being able to come up with the names of anyone associated with it."

Johnson said FNURE was established by some employees of a title company who have an office in the building where he works, but declined to identify the employees or the firm.

"Johnson said while his original campaign filings are accurate, he amended them to address Schroeder's complaint. "I don't believe I did anything wrong," he said."

Ozboy said...

Val Southwick didn't think he did anything wrong either.   In fact that is one of the characteristics of sociopaths, they never think they do anything wrong regardless of the havoc  they cause in other people's lives.  They are generally only remorseful when the jail door slams behind them - and then only because they got caught, not because they hurt people or stole money.

Curmudgeon said...

Have you noticed, Oz, how many people seem to find Jesus in the time  between conviction and sentencing?  

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