Thursday, July 07, 2011

Press Release: Ogden Ethics Project Asks Candidates to Adopt Voluntary Campaign Finance Limitations - UPDATED

Once candidate responses have been compiled, we'll plant a link in our own 2011 Municipal Election sidebar module

Encouraging news in advance of the 2011 Ogden City Municipal Elections, as The Ogden Ethics Project, a nonpartisan organization formed in May, announces that it is asking all Ogden City municipal election candidates to adopt a set of voluntary campaign contribution limitations.

The limitations are intended to close loopholes in Ogden’s existing campaign finance disclosure law, ensure that voters know the sources of candidates’ funds, and encourage all candidates to represent a broad spectrum of citizens rather than just a few special interests.

Read the organization's 7/6/11 press release for the full lowdown:
You can also visit the OEP website for a thorough analysis and description of the broad underlying problem(s) which have precipitated this commendable citizen effort:
Once candidate checklist responses have been compiled and posted to the OEP site, we'll plant a link in our own 2011 Municipal Election sidebar module, of course.

Update 7/7/11 8:54 a.m.: We now learn from one of our sharp-eyed readers that Cathy McKitrick's own SLTrib writeup on this topic has been published online within the last hour or so:
Update 7/8/11 8:41 a.m.: Interesting that the Standard hasn't picked up on this story yet. Whaddaya think folks? Is there any significance in the SE's inattention to this story?


Dan S. said...

The other important news in the tribune article is that we have two more mayoral candidates: Susan Van Hooser and Steve Van Wagoner.

rudizink said...

Exactly right, Dan.  We'd expected a wide open race with the Little Lord's retirement; and that's seven mayoral candidates, so far.

Danny said...

We thank Dan, as always, for his efforts.  And we thank Susie, as always, for running.

Ozboy said...

I think the answer as to why the Standard hasn't picked up on this story about ethics in local Gummint is because they don't corporately believe in such silly notions.

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