Monday, July 04, 2011

WaPo Editorial: On the Fourth, A Declaration We Still Must Live Up To

The Standard-Examiner carries the full text of the Declaration of Independence on its editorial page today, which is fitting and proper, as we again commence celebration of our American Independence Day:
As the Washington Post's editorial board reminds us this morning however, we as a nation "still struggle to live up to the Declaration of Independence":
The fly in the ointment? Even today, 235 years after our nation's founding, there are still some folks in the USA who haven't yet come to grips with the POLITICALLY RADICAL IDEA "... that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. . .” part.

Food for thought as we all set out to celebrate the 235th year of our nation's liberty.

Have a safe and sane holiday, folks!


Curmudgeon said...

Up the rebels!

No truce with kings!

George III was a limey!

"Perpetual itching without benefit of scratching to the enemies of American liberty!"  [Rev. period toast.]

4th of July:  one damn fine reason to party.

Happy 4th folks.   Party on. 

Ozboy said...

Here is another angle to consider as we sit around today and celebrate the US Declaration of Independence with our fireworks representing war and our national anthem which celebrates a battle from the war of 1812.

This comment was posted in the Tribune LTE a couple of days ago.   I thought it was rather profound.

It is a good thing, war.

service and mercenary contractors, war has dumped hundreds of billions
of our precious public dollars into their accounts. It has done the same
for the world’s bankers. It has kept the stocks of death-industry
giants from following declining housing and pension values.

gives the unemployed a job and a chance to go to college, should they
survive deployment. It makes for great entertainment on the nightly news
and movies.

is what makes America great. It gives this nation — a nation never
defined by what we are for, but by what we are against — a sense of
purpose. Without war, America is lost. It is an empty shell, a place
with no story to tell, no national myth to believe in, and, most
important, no one to hate.

war never cease, may the blood never stop flowing, and may the rockets’
red glare never dim in the dawn’s early light. 

So I say hooray for war.

C. Paul Ames

althepal said...

celebration of the Nation's birthday
sometimes gets people confused. This day is much more than another
holiday from work. It is a recognition of who we are as
a People. What it is not is a saint's day for a
Government. When the Nation and the Government are spoken in the same
breath, most believe they are
interchangeable. How mistaken and easily mislead, the public can become.

Independence Day for Whom?

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