Thursday, July 21, 2011

Standard-Examiner: What's Brewing? A Beer Tax

What happened to the No New Taxes edict from our Republican brethren?

By: Ray

New Topic-What's Brewing? A Beer Tax- According to the Standard-Examiner, our esteemed pro-business legislature is considering a 5 cent a can tax on beer to support county jails:
Their justification is "inmates admit they have an alcohol problem." Well most Utah residents have a weight problem so perhaps we should tax Jello for medical costs. What happened to the No New Taxes edict from our Republican brethren? Just another way for the dominant religion to screw the non-LDS population and feel righteous about it.


OneWhoKnows2 said...


Ozboy said...

Now if these Bozo's in the State Legislature really wanted to raise some big time cash they would put the same nickle tax on soda pop, pop tarts and all the rest of the sugar laden crap that the average dietary challenged Utanian consume in great quantities every day.   Add an animal fat tax to that and they could eliminate all other taxes in the whole damn state and still have a huge surplus!

Curmudgeon said...

Aren't they claiming it's not really a tax, it's a user fee?  Or what President Reagan called a "revenue enhancement" when he got a look at the deficit his tax cuts had blown in his budget and he moved to increase federal revenues to stem the red-ink.   

Which raises the interesting question of how can you tell whether something is a "tax"  [booo, hisss, socialism, etc.] or a "user fee" or "revenue enhancement" [yea! True blue American market based solution to administrative cash flow difficulties!  And not a tax!"]

Here's how the  Brethren and Sistern in the Legislature seem to distinguish between the two on matters like this:  If they have to pay it, it's a tax.  If you have to pay it and they don't, it's a "user fee" or "revenue enhancement."

As Joseph Heller put it,  "that's some Catch, that Catch-22."

blackrulon said...

Who needs beer? We can buy fireworks now. How much more will beer cost? Will be be worthwhile to drive to Wyoming to buy beer?

googlegirl said...

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googlegirl said...

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BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Why drink beer when you can go through your entire life "intoxicated" with yourself! Here are a few examples: How about some of the outgoing Ogden City staff, previous council (Blain Johnson is one of these) or people who give nothing and take everything they can and how about people with a job complaining they don't make enough while 20% or higher are out of work? Beer is for sissies who need it to escape reality and punish others with their behavior, drunk driving and other bad habits. Any tax on beer would be just more money for the government, which includes a high percentage of the people above. If you need something that bad, go see your doctor, Dr. Pepper! LOL

Incahoots said...

Of course, a majority of inmates also have tatoos, so let's have a "user fee" on tatoo parlors.

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