Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deseret News: Southern Baptist Gay Marriage Story a Hoax

One reason we ought to count our blessings that we have the Standard-Examiner as our local paper and not the Deseret News

By: Curmudgeon

For those among the WCF brethren for whom bashing the Standard-Examiner is a popular sport, I submit the following as a reason we ought to count our blessings that we have it as our local paper... and NOT the Deseret News. First the opening paragraphs of a recent DN story:
A story in Saturday’s Deseret News erroneously reported that a Southern Baptist leadership group had recommended that the Southern Baptist Convention approve gay marriage. The story, on page 2 of Saturday’s Deseret News Faith Section and posted online, also erroneously reported on a resolution from the group in which they “repented” of past homophobia. The story also appeared online. The story is completely false.
How it happened is explained in the DN's forthright mea culpa:
And worth posting too as a gentle reminder to the SE of the wisdom of not only checking to see if a press release really came from who it says it's from, but of the wisdom of fact-checking its content as well. Even if it's from the Mayor of Ogden City. Any Mayor of Ogden City. PS: On the other hand, kudos to the DN editors for running a no-bones-about-it full-throated we-screwed-up correction story instead of a measly unobtrusive note under "Corrections" someplace few would see it.


Ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon,

I still think the Standard, as currently composed, is an embarrassing rag - not including of course the very talented Gibson, Grohndahl and even the arrogant dick head Trentelman

googlegirl said...

Vatican Reverses Stance On Gay Marriage After Meeting Tony And Craig

Blackrulon said...

Are all of the announcements by Matthew Godfrey of business coming to Ogden considered to be a hoax? I am still waiting,nearly 2 years, for the Mexican Import store to open. The mayor did announce via Scott Schwebke in the S-E that a deal was imminent and details would soon follow. Still waiting.

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