Saturday, July 02, 2011

Casper Journal: Casper Names Patterson New City Manager

The poor folks in Casper have no idea what a hole he is going to put in their pocket books

By Ozboy

Well it looks like we won't have Godfrey's lap dog John Patterson to kick around anymore. The Casper Journal announced yesterday that Casper, Wyoming has hired him as their new city manager:
The poor folks in Casper have no idea what a hole he is going to put in their pocket books before he is through with them.

So so long Johnny boy, you are a nice guy, but a complete political hack who has been devastating to poor Ogden's city treasury.

Update 7/2/11 7:10 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner is carrying the story too:


OneWhoKnows2 said...

Should we let them know what a true, purehearted prize they just bought?  I think NOT!  He would never leave Ogden if we did.  I wonder if there are extradition laws between Casper and High Adventure Mecca Ogden.  Is he taking his wife with him?  So many questions, so few answers.  Like I said before, only the first rat.  Bye John, is there a position in Wyoming for your partner in crime El BossHog?

you who said...

Good friggin riddance back stabber Pureheart!

Blackrulon said...

A great example of improvement by elimination.

Curmudgeon said...

I wish Mr. Patterson a 3G farewell:  Goodbye, good luck, good riddance. 

Danny said...

Losing Godfrey as Mayor and Patterson as attack dog and toady are two big wins.  Godfrey's failure to bend us over on the F-house is another.

2011 is shaping up very nicely.

Goodbye Patterson.  We thank the fools on the Casper city council for blindfolding themselves and taking you, you incompetent, condescending, stupid sleazebag.

Now, to make sure Godfrey goes someplace far away too.  Can somebody encourage him to apply with the city of Detroit?  The government there consists of incompetents who don't know wha fools they are.  They should love Godfrey, and should pay him well.

Biker Babe said...

Danny: Little Matty ain't got enough Street Smarts to make it 3 days in DeTroit!   LOL


Ozboy said...


Twouldn't break my heart if the little rascal drowned in De Troit

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

How much do we need to raise and offer to Mr. John Braveheart to take along Blain Johnson to Casper? We know the dollar amount for Blain would be but not as clear for Johnny.....Any ideas?

Enjoy the excerpts below from the investigation of Blain Johnson in regards to FNURE and Envision Ogden. (You know, the accusations that the time to pursue lapsed.)

I read somewhere that negative media attention can be as good as positive for bringing in new business. It didn't work so well for Dell Schanze! (Totally Awesome Computers)  Let's hope it holds true for others who stick around!

Blain Johnson quotes as reported in the investigation:
"I know I didn't do anything wrong," he said "I received the funds, and I reported it.""Johnson said he believed Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate was a legitimate organization, despite not being able to come up with the names of anyone associated with it."Johnson said FNURE was established by some employees of a title company who have an office in the building where he works, but declined to identify the employees or the firm."Johnson said while his original campaign filings are accurate, he amended them to address Schroeder's complaint. "I don't believe I did anything wrong," he said.  VERIFY THE ACCURACY OF THIS INFORMATION BELOW:UTAH DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY INVESTIGATIONS Page #: 1PUBLIC SAFETY INVESTIGATIONS Page #: 1lnvestigation Report Printed on: 07/30/2009Case Number: 2009-00065 SBI SISJH ENVISION"OGDENReport Printed on: 07/30/2009Case Number: 2009-00065 SBI SISJH ENVISION"OGDENSBI SISJH ENVISION"OGDENAgent: JIM VAUGHNJIM VAUGHNDato Reported: 04/06/2009Reported: 04/06/2009Requested By: SHERRI GREENOate & Time Occured: 04/06/2009By: SHERRI GREENOate & Time Occured: 04/06/2009& Time Occured: 04/06/2009MNI#:9000129eRemaTKs: UAG ASKS SBI TO LOOK AT ACUSSATIoNS FROI\,1 NEWSMAN WHo SEES FINANcIAL FRAUDOF CAIUPAIGNACUSSATIoNS FROI\,1 NEWSMAN WHo SEES FINANcIAL FRAUDOF CAIUPAIGN

Firemanjoe said...

2012 could be just as bad. Stephenson as mayor, Godfrey as his right hand man, both retired in place chiefs still in charge.

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