Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sockpuppet Brandon Stephenson Takes the Offensive in the Emerald City Mayoral Race

It's nice to know actually, who the "bad guys" are so early in the game though, ainnit?

As a followup to yesterday's WCF article, we'll reveal that we just took a trip over to mayor candidate Brandon "Sockpuppet" Stephenson's campaign blogsite, where it appears that he's not just playing defense, but is actually taking the offense on the corporate contributions issue. He's published his totally lame "Personal Rebuttal Screed" right there at the top of the page (right there in front of God and everybody), effectively announcing to all the corporate/special interest world (each and every one) that he's up for sale to the highest corporate bidder(s):
Gotta hand it to "Sockpuppet" Brandon, as he lamely attempts to conflate the libertarian "individual business/economic liberty" core philosophical position with the philosophically antagonistic and fuzzy corporo-fascist "what's good for general motors is good for America position," and thereby marshalls all possible philosophical arguments (however internally self-contradictory) and nevertheless shamelessly postures (slut-like) for the support of the sleazy yet politically powerful Corporate Real Estate Development lobby.

Make no mistake people. The Ogden Ethics Project's proposed voluntary forbearance in re corporate donations should in no way put The Sockpuppet off his feed. It in no way prevents corporate officers, directors, shareholders or owners of non-corporate business entities from donating individually to Brandon's campaign. Any and all of them can support Mr. Stephenson's campaign individually, under their own true names, subject to Ogden City's ordinance-provided contribution limits (just like everyone else), even if Brandon voluntarily forswears corporate donations. It in no way conveys an anti-business message at all. Although we hate to brand any candidate a "liar" so early in the election cycle game, it seems to us that's exactly what "The Sockpuppet's" doing, even now.

What's happening here though, people, is that "Sockpuppet Brandon" is forthrightly telling all the voters of Emerald City that he's willing to stick his neck out as Emerald City's next bought-and-paid-for real estate developer shill."

Not that that's bad in and of itself. It's nice to know actually, who the "bad guys" are so early in the game, ainnit, eh, O Gentle Ones?


Dorrene Jeske said...

Rudi, your comment about Brandon " neverthelss shamelessly postures (slut-like) for the support of the sleazy yet politically powerful Corporate Real Estate Development lobby" makes me think of the several times when Brandon did everything in his power to be elected either chair or vice chair of the Council.  I was embarrassed for him when he was the only one who voted for him.  He really doesn't have the social knowledge and finesse to be a successful mayor.  I think that he would be a continual embarrassment to Ogden as mayor.  Besides his lack of ethics here is another reason not to vote for him.

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Whoever said "sockpuppets" are intelligent in their obvious attempts at manipulating the truth or attempts at weaving lies? How is this any different than Blain Johnson taking campaign donations from FNURE and Envision Ogden and supposedly not knowing who set it up, supported the events or who was in charge of the funds? SP's are transparent, they just don't know it!

Ozboy said...

To know Stephenson is to truly appreciate his mental prowess and leadership qualities (or lack thereof).

Those who know him best - his fellow council members over the last eight years - present the best testament to him by never electing him to any leadership position in spite of his various attempts to get them to do so.  Seems that any one that serves on the council more than one term ends up getting the chair position, or asst chair, for at least one year, especially if they try - don't they? 

It will be interesting to see if the voters of Ogden really want a warmed over "Godfrey light" as the new mayor.  Stephenson doesn't appear to ever have an original thought, but virtually always rubber stamps what ever nonsense Godfrey puts forth - regardless of how destructive it might be to the tax payer's of Ogden. 

And his attempt to justify polluting politics with more and bigger corporate money is just plain pathetic and shows how clueless and out of touch with the real world he is.

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