Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve 2011 Thread

Just another helpful holiday hint and associated holiday greeting from yer old pal Rudi, along with your blogmeister's old pal, the retired Captain Kirk!

Okay, folks, we know that America's possibly the 2d most under-rated U.S. Federal Holiday is nevertheless coming right up any minute; so in light of the inevitable political red meat news lull which always comes along with U.S. holidays, we'll gear up to identifythe most important U.S. media stories, which diligent effort tells us... well... that here's something serious that none of the traditional news media slackers are covering at all:.

Here's the most important pre-Thanksgiving story of all. as we see it:

Safety First: Turkeys can be outright dangerous, even dead ones, or so we learn from former StarTrek Captain Kirk:

Just an important Turkey Day safety tip from yer old pal, Rudi, merely to help you avoid any possible disasters, and to help you all get THE BIG DAY off to a good start (and finish*):

If in doubt, situate your turkey fryer in a large fire-resistent place, like an island on a nearby pond (say Bues's Pond, for instance), well away from you, the seemingly non-inflammable (my good pal) Bill Shatner, your other possibly flammable loved ones, friends and family members etc. all of whom will be hopefully and distantly removed from you pyromiac fryer cooking pot ... and with a decent fire extinguisher located nearby.

You wouldn't want to catch yourself or your friends and family in a turkey-fat explosion like Bill Shatner did, would you?

No, we didn't think so.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, folks!

Just another helpful holiday hint and associated holiday greeting from yer old pal Rudi, along with my old pal, the retired Captain Kirk!
*Good finish: You Didn't actually set your house on fire, whilst frying a turkey!


Danny said...

I like William Shatner and Star Trek. 

I've never had deep fried turkey, but I'd like to try it.

Bob Becker said...

FRIED turkey on Thanksgiving is a violation of the moral order of the universe, is clearly not what god intended, and is indulged in only by the  depraved and deluded [e.g. NY Yankee fans, Notre Dame fans, Republicans and other disreputable types you wouldn't want to marry your daughter.]

Though there is no direct evidence that the Pilgrims at the First Thanksgiving ate turkey, they probably did [since they definitely ate other wildfowl of the area and wild turkeys were there too], they almost certainly did  not eat pumpkin pie, nor did they eat cranberry sauce. They did however eat eel and venison.  

So serve up a little baked eel tomorrow for a real Thanksgiving dinner.  

Fried turkey at Thanksgiving?  Jaysus.  End of western civilization as we know it. 

Dorrene Jeske said...

I had a fun experience tonight after dinner.  I was playing “Clue” with a couple of my grandsons and we were teasing the 7-year old because his man, Mr. Green killed the victim in the theater with a pistol, and the ten-year old was teasing him, “Did you really shoot someone in the theater?”  And I chimed in with “Was it Pres. Lincoln?  You know that really did happen.”  Then they had all kinds of questions, and Grandma got to give them a little history lesson.
Here’s a heads up:  Scott Schwebke called me yesterday on my cell while we were shopping and said that they were doing an article on Godfrey and they wanted to give an all picture, so they thought of me when they were discussing whom they could contact who didn’t like Godfrey much.  I had to laugh at that and he asked me what I thought of Godfrey’s administration the last twelve years.  I tried to be nice and not too critical, so I told him that Godfrey had done some good things for the city, but I  problems with the way he did things.  He asked me what I meant by that.  My reply was that Godfrey never wanted public input and he never would take suggestions or advice from anyone, and the things he did were ethically questionable.  It will be interesting to see what he writes.
I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Bob Becker said...

I wish Mr. Schwebke hadn't put it in terms of "didn't like Godfrey."  Presumably the SE is doing a retrospective piece on the Godfrey Administration as it comes to its end, and that should involve people with a variety of opinions about the successes [and failures] of the Administration, and the way it has handled public affairs in Ogden City.  None of that  turns in any way on whether those commenting "like" the Mayor or don't "like" him.  It's perfectly possible to think someone's a grand guy but a poor mayor, or to think he's a rotten guy but an effective mayor.  Liking the man personally doesn't, or shouldn't, come into it. 

Glad to see your comments dwelt on the Administration's conduct and achievements/failures and not on Hizzonah's personal characteristics [except insofar as they may have impacted the job he did].  Good on ya, Dorrene. 

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