Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: Rocky Anderson Returns — This Time Shooting for Nation’s Top Office

GOOD LUCK... He couldn't be any worse than anyone else running!!!

Just as one scandal-plagued U.S. presidential candidate seems to be readying to drop out of the U.S. presidential race, we find in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune a story that's bound to warm the cockles of the hearts of all Utah lumpencitizens. Former Salt Lake City Mayor (and Ogden City homeboy) Rocky Anderson is reportedly gearing up to fatten up the presidential field under a soon-to-be-announced third party banner:
As one savvy SLTrib reader opines in a comment beneath this morning's story, "Although he doesn't stand a fiddlers chance in hell... GOOD LUCK... He couldn't be any worse than anyone else running!!! "

It gets "interestinger and interestinger", dunnit?

Update 12/2/11 5:00 a.m.: Pat Bagley chimes in the subject with another spot-on cartoon:

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Danny said...

Rocky says, "All of us are being harmed while a very few are profiting enormously by
the corruption, by bad public policy that they essentially purchase.
These folks in Congress and the White House act as if they’re on
retainer by Goldman Sachs, the insurance industry, with the coal and oil
and gas industry, with the defense industry."

Who could disagree?

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