Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Financial Disclosure Statements Publicly Released

Well be finding out very soon whether the "Biggest Money Talks the Most Loudly"

The third set of 2011 Ogden Municipal Election financial disclosure statements is now posted on the city's web site:
Caldwell has raised an additional $13,410, bringing his total 2011 campaign war chest to the obscene sum of $78,166.57.

Stephenson has added another $5,483, which probably indicates that special interest donors haven't yet completely thrown his candidacy overboard. As of the 11/1/11 filing date, Brandon's now sponged up a total of $26,823, which explains all those giant lawn signs, we guess.

Ward 2 Council Candidate Richard Hyer has hauled in an additional 2500 bucks, with a $1,500 donation from the Wasatch Association of Realtors, and $1,000 from long-time Boss Godfrey crony, Wadman Construction.

It's been a real special interest bonanza of a fundraising month for late-coming At Large "C" write-in "candidate" Richard "Bulldoze the Bench" Safsten too, with another $6,700 added to his war chest, which now comes to a grand total of $9,700.

Do you suspect that special interest donors believe they can buy this election? You bet they do. Well be finding out very soon whether the "Biggest Money Talks the Most Loudly."

For convenient pre-election WCF reader research, we've also uploaded and added these latest financial disclosure documents from all the still-active 2011 candidates to each individual Candidate Information Page within our right sidebar election module General Election Candidate Roster.

The world-wide blogosphere sits on the edge of its seat, awaiting your always astute utterances, regarding these most recent 2011 Ogden Municipal Election financial disclosure reports.

Update 11/4/11 7:49 a.m.: Mr. Schwebke also throws in his own 2¢ for the benefit of the Standard's hard-copy edition audience this a.m.:


rudizink said...

LOL!  Whilst in the process of updating our right sidebar "Election Module" individual candidate pages this morning, we stumbled upon something interesting via Google search, in re Write-in Mayoral hopefull  Patrick C. Conlin's write-in candidacy.  Mayoral candidate Conlin has set up a campaign facebook page, which is truly a heckuva lotta fun:

Patrick Conlin for Ogden Mayor - Write in "Dr. C" November 8th

As an old dyed-in-the-wool Snowbasin Powderhound, your blogmeister couldn't be more in agreement with at least most of Mr. Conlin's main platform points as set forth in the truly great campaign graphic (which is also now embedded in out WCF right sidebar):

*"Power to the people"
*"[Snow Basin]  Powder to the People"
* Free Internet & Transporatation to and from airports, trains, hotels & resorts.

Now there's a right wing socialist with whom we can agree!

Gotta say we LOVE this guy!

OgdenInformedVoter said...

Got a robocall tonight from the Safsten campaign. He seems to be fond of robocalls after doing one for Stephenson before the primary. This time the anonymous she-robot said that because we're getting a new mayor, it's time to send a message for unity on the city council. I took that to mean that Robo-Rick would indeed behave like a robot and rubber-stamp whatever the new mayor wants.

BikerBabe said...

OIV - Hah!  I got robocall #OgdenInformedVoter
 on my home phone and 4 seconds later robocall #2 on my cell!  didn't listen to either one


NoRobotsPlease said...

Safsten was a robot with Godfrey, and he'll be a robot regardless of who is elected mayor.  The man has no mind of his own.

BikerBabe said...

If you read the financial report artickle in today's paper - it says Saftsen used part for consultants ... so yeah, what you said.


Smaatguy said...

what is interesting about the contractors is that give to these campaigns are run through the wringer on anything they end up doing....ask R&O how the junction worked out for them after Scotty got finished with them....just saying

Smaatguy said...

FWIW....I just don't understand the contributions of these guys when the get clobbered later on....

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