Friday, November 25, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Utes, Buffaloes Are Playing for Very Different Prizes

Coupla crucial games today and tomorrow for the Utah Utes

Are you football fans in Emerald City looking for a football squad to follow, now that the Weber State Wildcats have been eliminated from the Big Sky Conference race? Would you like to see at least one Utah college football team emerge as the team to follow in an important BCS conference race?

Here's a highly-informative story from our home town newspaper which we lodge here for all frustrated Utah college football fans:
That's right, WCF peeples! The now-not-so-lowly University of Utah (7-4, 4-4), which started out its inaugural conference season with four (count-em, 4) PAC-12 conference losses... will be playing for the Pac-12 Championship upon the happening of these contingencies:
  1. Utah beats Colorado (highly likely)
  2. USC beats UCLA (dang near a sure thing)
  3. California beats Arizona State (the unknown factor)
The Utah/Colorado game will be broadcast @ 1:30 p.m. today as indicated in the embedded graphic. The Cal/AZ State game comes up on ESPN @8:15 pm. USC's inevitable beatdown on UCLA comes up tomorrow.

Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed, Utah football fans.

Update 11/26/11 4:53 p.m.: Utah gets its ass whooped in its own RES Home Stadium by the worst team in the Pac-12 (Colorado) in close game, wheerin field goal kickerColeman Peterson muffed not one, not two but three field goals.

Ironically, last week's Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week now becomes this week's "goat."

Better luck next year O my Utah Utes.

Update 11/26/11 6:30 a.m.: The Salt Lake Tribune is all over the post-game story:


Danny said...

The Utes were shooting beyond the mark, thinking about the NEXT game (the hard one), not the PRESENT game (that should have been easy.)

They got cocky.  Don't get cocky.  That was Godfrey's downfall.  Pride.  It is poison.

googlegirl said...

Utah State Aggies to the Big East??? said...

Catherine Feeny:  Rudi, maybe you should take notice of the other sports since Utah  is not doing so well in football this year. Weber State's Men's Basketball Team defeated Utah State in their last closely-matched game at Weber, where they never lost the lead the entiee game.

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