Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dress Fashionably For the Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday - Updated

Thanksgiving "costumery" which you still have time to order (and have shipped) in advance of the Thanksgiving Holiday

Well... Thanksgiving's coming up quickly, and we know you'll all wanna be properly attired for that seminal American (sometimes half-hearted Canadian) holiday, so here's some must-order costumery which you still have time to order (and have shipped)... you know... so you'll have that "just right look" for that great American holiday, which was originally conceived to celebrate the "mere" survival of the first "successful" English Colony in America, although this holiday has now been sorely "twisted" instead to celebrate modern American "gluttony." [sigh]:
Ask yourselves, Gentle WCF Readers: What better way to honor the Thanksgiving Holiday than to show up at the family dinner with a genuine "Plush Turkey Hat" on your noggin?

Order yours now, before supplies run out!

Update 11/17/11 4:00 p.m.: We now learn from one of our alert readers that the "Turkey Hat" also comes in an upgraded and little more "pricy" "Men's Model," with additional, deluxe & life-like "wing" appendages:

"No more need for "hair-plugs," says Little Bobby Geiger

No doubt about it, we're conjuring up a psychic mental image of ya'll beatin'feet over the the above linked website with an online order, so's you'll all be dressed in the Highest Thanksgiving Fashion a mere seven days from today.

Order your "Plush Turkey Hat" today.

Time's a-wastin'


OneWhoKnows2 said...

I ordered the full suit and giving it to Matt Godfrey this January!

rudizink said...

That's excellent news, OWK2.  Apparently then, the full Plush Turkey Suits/Hats must also be available in children's sizes, right?

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Size Pee-Wee as well !

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