Thursday, November 03, 2011

Breaking: The Standard-Examiner Endorses Jennifer Neil In Ogden's Ward 2

The Standard definitely gets it right with this "savvy" pre-election pick

We'll say we're absolutely delighted to find this Standard-Examiner article on line just now, wherein the Standard-Examiner endorses the "'lovely" Jennifer Neil, possibly one of the best-qualified candidates ever to run for Ogden City's often moribund Ward 2 Council Seat. Here's the Standard's first endorsement for the 2011 Ogden City Municipal Election, wherein the Standard "makes no bones" about their Ward 2 candidate endorsement":
The Standard definitely gets it right with this pre-election pick.

Attention, Ward 2 voters: Once the vibrant and brilliant Ms. Neil is elected, the north end of town will no longer be treated like "Ogden's Red-headed Step-child."

"Bully" for the Standard, Jennifer Neil, Ward 2 residents, and Ogden City lumpencitizens in general, we say!


Bob Becker said...

Good endorsement and a wise one.

I only wish the SE's record of its endorsees winning was better than it has been....

Dorrene Jeske said...

I wholeheartedly support Jennifer Neil as the best candidate for the Ward 2 City Council seat, and I am delighted that the editorial staff of the SE also feels the same way.  I personally know both candidates and feel that Jennifer will serve the residents of Ogden better and will 1)  be more responsive to people, 2) study issues and agenda items in depth, 3) will represent taxpayers better, 4) will work more closely and harmoniously with other counsel members, 5) will strive to see that there is as much transparency as possible in the workings of the city, 5) will seek public input on important decisions, and overall serve the City of Ogden better.  She will be able to and will devote the time required for the position.

Agajdg667 said...

What do you think now after her arrest? Still the better person for the job?

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