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November 15, 2011 Ogden City Council Meeting Video

Does Boss Godfrey's behavior descend to the levels of childishness and rudeness we've witnessed in the past?

In last Tuesday's (11/15/11) Weber County Forum article we discussed the City Council's action in rejecting Boss Godfrey's "half baked proposal" to summarily amend Ogden water rates, and the Council's alternative decision and resolution to enter into a "comprehensive water rate study," with a rate adjustment to made, if at all, in the mid-spring of 2012, after suitable study and public input.

In a subsequent Standard-Examiner story Mr. Schwebke reported that Mayor Matthew Godfrey had "expressed extreme disappointment Tuesday night that the city council refused to approve his proposal to immediately lower water rates;" and one of our gentle readers remarked, "Do let us know if there was a Godfrey tirade. Seeing an adult (the mayor no less) acting like a child is the best show in town. "

We're now pleased to discover that the video recording of Tuesday's regular Council Session is now online, and we've accordingly embedded that video below, for our readers' enlightenment (and possible amusement). For our readers' convenience here are the important "waypoints" in Tuesday's Council discussion:

Main discussion - 12:00 minutes
Council Chair Gochnours reading of the Council's "alternate" resolution - 29:08
The Council's voice vote - 34:45
Mayor Godfrey's comments - 39:01
And here's the full Council video:

So what about it, O Gentle Ones? Does Boss Godfrey's behavior descend to the levels of childishness and rudeness we've witnessed in the past? Or did Godfrey show some slight improvement and somehow manage to keep Tuesday night's "extreme disappointment" tolerably in check?


Danny said...

Godfrey's comments were deceiving.

He is a sick, dishonest man.

blackrulon said...

Isn't his public tirade similar to the ones he used to deliver to former and present city council members  behind the closed door in his office?

Grandmomb said...

What a long-winded blow-hard.  More than 7 minutes to say ONE thing - again and again and again. I'll be so glad when he is gone.

BikerBabe said...

Let's put ourselves in the place of the people with secondary and imagine what they are going through ?!? Really Godfrey?!?  Do that rather than talk to them and receive input from them; expect them to trust you to do what's right based on your history? Seriously?@?



Dorrene Jeske said...

Of course Godfrey doesn’t want the issue studied.   He hasn’t studied the issue, and as Dan S. points out his figures don’t add up (as usual).    He  won’t consider anyone else’s opinion, because no one is as smart as he, and he has NEVER wanted public input!   When the Council studied water rates when I was on the Council,  the rates were adjusted so that those who did receive and pay for secondary water were not subsidizing the water used by those who didn’t.
I studied my sister-in-law’s Ogden City water bills when I was helping her with her bills after her husband died, and we paid about the same for Pineview water as she did for culinary water to water her lawn in the summer.  This was before the current water rates went into effect.
The rates that we thought we were adopting seemed to be as fair as possible.  But somehow those rates were applied differently and abused.  They were not to increase every month as they have.  Our bill has more than doubled, increasing from $29.33 to $70.  The City bought new software that was supposed to be compatible with the new rate structure.  So I don’t know where the problem is.  The whole water program needs to be looked at, including how the City has programmed it, and not just look at the rates.  And the incorrect water rates need to be addressed, instead of making excuses and trying to justify them.  
I think that these tirades and rants against the Council will continue until he leaves office.  He is frustrated that he was unable to accomplish his stupid projects and keep promises that he unwisely made to out-of-state businesses and possible investors, so he is trying to redeem himself and save his badly damaged image.  He could never admit his poor judgement, business procedures and poor timing of proposed projects.  Someone has to be a scapegoat and because the Council has accepted their responsibility of checks and balance role and given some sanity to city government, they are his target.
Keep up the good work, Council Members!

rudizink said...

"Keep up the good work, Council Members!"

Let me add my hearty "second" to that, Dorrene!

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