Monday, November 07, 2011

A WCF "Hard Sell," Prior to Tomorrows Ogden Municipal Election

OKAY, Folks! The 2011 Ogden Municipal Election will be in full swing starting at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and as far as we're concerned, we're urging you all to show up en masse to vote for the true council candidate grownups in the most important races, namely smart and Ogden community-dedicated political newcomer Jennifer Neil and the proven fiscally-conservative and taxpayer-friendly Amy Wicks.

If however you wouldn't be offended by Ogden City''s still-preserved Ogden City benchlands being raped and bulldozed, Please Vote for the gang of "flaky" City Council/Mayoral Godfreyite candidates who have that agenda in their plans, including Richard Hyer, Comrade "Bulldoze Mt Ogden Park" Godfreyite 2005 throwback Richard "Dick" Safsten, (and Brandon "Sockpuppet" Stephenson, of course).

As for the Ogden Mayoral race specifically! Here's out take: Vote for anybody else other than Boss Godfrey's "Sockpuppet", i.e, Brandon Stephenson.
On the other hand, if you'd be offended by Ogden's still-naturally preserved Ogden City Mount Ogden Park and Ogden's upper benchlands and foothills still remaining un-raped and un-bulldozed, please be sure to vote for the gang of "flaky" council and mayoral-recycled Godfreyite candidates, including the city's three Godfreyite "Richards":

And don't forget, folks, Candidate Stephenson, in particular, was "FOR" The Malans Basin & Mountain Gondola Development Project, long before he was "against it."

The correct choices should more than obvious, No?


OneWhoKnows2 said...

Well Rudi,

The time has finally come that we've all been waiting for, your Election Clock is about out of time and your article recommends the best choices in government for Ogden's citizens, but why do I feel little will change?  I earnestly hope that voter turnout is high and people are interested in their future.

Tomorrow, be proud, informed and vote!

Bob Becker said...

The robo callers are out today. So far, I've had robo calls from Thompson, Stephenson and something called "The Committee to Elect Safsten."  On the latter, a female voice comes on asking if the election were held today, who would you vote for? Press one, press two, press three.  Only then does it identify who paid for it: the committee. What Safsten is doing, I think,  is putting together a GOTV operation for the morrow. Those who click his number will get call backs to make sure they've voted. 

GOTV operations require either big bucks, or armies of volunteers and big bucks.  Interesting what you can do when the real estate lobby pours money into your late entry post-primary campaign, isn't it?

Bob Becker said...

And a call from the Cauldwell campaign [also well funded; he's been running a lot of phone polls for his GOTV operation].  But this call was not a robo call. It was from a live person.  Appreciate that.  I hate to discover I'm talking to a machine during an election. 

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