Saturday, November 26, 2011

Science Saturday: It's Back!

WCF eagerly dusts off our traditional "Science Saturday" feature

Now that WSU football is off calender, and after considerable googling, here's our latest, which revives our Science Saturday thread:

1) Are You the Next Carl Sagan? Come Find Out at FameLab Astrobiology!
2) We kinda marginally touched on this issue in our previous Thanksgiving day story, but here's more on the topic from that non-peer reviewed, although often scientifically underestimated bastion of scientific "lay" knowledge, the venerable Popular Science online magazine:
3) And last but not least, here's something really eye-opening, from the Onion's inimitable Joad Cressbecker, which skillfully reveals the latest NASA boondoggle(s)... or whatever:
That's your science update from WCF this week, folks.

Science is great, ainnit?

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