Saturday, November 05, 2011

Stop the Presses: The Standard Endorses Mike Caldwell for Ogden Mayor

The Standard-Examiner goes 3 for 3 in great candidate 2011 Ogden City Municipal Election "picks" this afternoon, with yet another perspicacious candidate recommendation. Read all about it in the full SE Op-ed linked below, wherein our marvellous home town newspaper gives the boot-licking "Godfreyite" Brandon "Sockpuppet" Stephenson the old "Royal heave ho," whilst quite rightly endorsing the extremely popular Ogden City government newcomer mayoral office aspirant, Mike Caldwell:
Read up, folks!

"Anybody but Brandon," we'll cheerfully intone:

The Standard's right, wethinks. Ogden City government desperately needs a "fresh new face" up there in the ninth floor Ogden City mayoral "Godfrey-occupied wheelhouse":

To put an even more fine point upon it, we believe that all the last vestiges of Godfrey tyranny must be be eradicated from Ogden City government by someone like Mike Caldwell, before the beleguered lumpencitizens will ever experience any real "political healing," wethinks.

And whatever you do, O Gentle WCF Readers, don't forget to lodge your ever-savvy reader ruminations in our comments section (below):


althepal said...

Caldwell will at least ascend to the mayoral office with "clean hands," unlike Stephenson, which is good enough for me at this juncture.

Ogden Lover said...

The chance of Stephenson giving Godfrey a job in his administration is enough to make me voteagainst him.

rudizink said...

Good point, OL!  how would it ever be possible for the lame-brained
dullard Stephenson ever to run an Ogden City mayoral administration without having his "mentor"whispering in his ear?

BikerBabe said...

That would be akin to Vladimir Putin in an advisory position to Dmitry Medvedev ... which has been going on since Medvedev became president ...


Althepal said...

That would be like Grigori Rasputin advising
Czar Nicholas Romanov, hehehe.

Althepal said...

That would be like Grigori Rasputin advising Czar Nicholas Romanov, hehehe.

BikerBabe said...

But, didn't he cause the downfall and eventual murder of the Romanov family?  Yikes! I hope that doesn't happen here.


rudizink said...

Actually, BB, Ogden City gummint already endured a "Rasputin experience" back in 2005:

Emerald City Playhouse Stages Rasputin Encore Performance


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