Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Suspect in Ogden Shootout Kept Marijuana in His Freezer, Informant Said

Not much of a stretch to speculate that the ex-girlfriend may be the confidential informant who got the ball rolling on the this whole tragic affair

More breaking news in the 1/4/12 Ogden Shootings matter, as the Salt Lake Tribune reveals new information obtained via a recently-completed GRAMA request. Here's the lede:
The investigation into Matthew David Stewart, who is charged with murdering an Ogden police officer and shooting five others, began in September when someone told police she had seen marijuana growing in his basement, according to documents released Tuesday.

The Salt Lake Tribune, through a request under the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act, obtained Ogden police reports about Stewart written prior to the Jan. 4 shootout at his home. The Ogden Police Department redacted Stewart’s name and that of the tipster, but the address and other descriptions in the reports match Stewart.

The tip about the marijuana grow is described in one paragraph written by an Ogden patrol officer on Sept. 15.

The tipster "stated that she has personally seen a hydroponics grow in [Stewart’s] basement," the report says. "She stated that it produces approximately 12-15 marijuana plants. [Redacted] then keeps the the [sic] marijuana in a freezer. He also sells some."
Read the full story here:
Further down the story, citing information in one of several GRAMA'd police reports, SLTrib reporter Chris Carlisle makes reference to an ex-girlfiend who contacted Ogden police on September 10 to report her concern that the suspect, Stewart, may have attempted to break into her apartment. Although the Trib editors carefully issue the disclaimer that "[i]t’s not clear from the documents whether the complainant in the door episode is the same woman who told police about the marijuana grow," it's still not much of a stretch to speculate that the ex-girlfriend, a co-worker with Stewart at Wal-mart, may be the confidential informant who got the ball rolling on the this whole tragic affair.

The possible moral to this chapter of this story?

Howbout "Be extra nice to your ex."


Oh Brother said...

OK, so the guy was growing some hemp in the basement.  Finally, now we know.  Or at least somebody SAID he was.

So there was a REASON for this full scale paramilitary night time assault with a dozen  heavily armed men!  Whew!

Wake up people!  This guy was committing a crime!!!!  Or at least somebody SAID he was!

The Standard-Examiner on Tuesday reported Stewart was shot in the foot, stomach, arm and buttocks.

(I'd hate to see what they'd do to to me over my expired WSU parking permits!  Note to self:  Get bullet proof vest - long sleeved version, bullet proof pants, socks, etc.)

Good to know.  Good info to have in Ogden.  The government is always right!  Always right!  Yes.  I believe it.

Ogden Lover said...

What strikes me is the speed at which this GRAMA request came through, as compared to the months and years it took for any investigating the Godfrey Administration

Joey said...

That skank should sleep rather well tonight, she got a man killed.

Fay said...

If Matt had been a "somebody" in the community, a person of status, they would have never reacted the way they did.  He was only a Walmart worker though, a nobody.  Stupid to think anyone can make a tip to the police, and before they know it's a lie or not they'll kick in your door with guns drawn.

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