Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Morning Emerald City News Roundup - Updated

A virtual cornucopia of interesting Weber County Forum-topical stuff

To our great delight, we find a virtual cornucopia of interesting Weber County Forum-topical stuff in this morning's Standard-Examiner... just what the doctor ordered to kick off the discussion on the first day of the year 2012, wethinks. Just so's we can squeeze it all onto our morning article page, we'll be brief:

1) Mr. Schwebke provides an excellent Mike Caldwell profile piece, as Caldwell prepares for Tuesday's mayoral induction ceremony:
We gotta admit that Mayor-elect Caldwell is already scoring major style points with your WCF blogmeister, even though he hasn't even been sworn in yet. First he demonstrates his commitment to pursuing Ogden City's best interests in re: the Jon Greiner Hatch Act Money Pit; and now Standard-Examiner readers learn that our new mayor is even now ready to deep-six yet another crackpot Boss Godfrey scheme:
We'll offer at this juncture that we're cautiously optimistic that our new Mayor Mike Caldwell may be able to temper his "economic development focus" with a little old fashioned common sense.

2) Trentelman provides a stunning example of ambivalence this morning with his own weasly-weak-in- the-knees variation on the tried and true "keeps the trains running on time" theme. We've taken liberties with the column headline, we confess.
Full disclosure here, Mr. Trentelman! No, Weber County Forum doesn't "hate" Boss Godfrey, although we do agree with you, Mr. Trentelman, that Godfrey often behaves like a jerk.

3) Combine an irretrievably Slavish Godfreyite Lemming, a copy of Bartlett's Quotations and a flea-market thesaurus, and here's what you get from one of the most prominent jackasses in Weber County: A lavishly tiresome, tedious and tortuous (and entirely un-ambivalent) Boss Godfrey tilting, SE guest editorial lovefest:
Gotta say we loved this one:
Vicious blogs defame. He who perseveres is called arrogant and is vituperated for failure to listen to obstructionists.
Do you suppose, Gentle Readers, that Steve the Godfrey Lemming may actually be referring to we of Weber County Forum, when he makes reference to "obstructionists" within his above thesaurus-driven and highly indigestible word soup? LOL! And here we'd heretofore thought ourselves to be only mere "naysayers," Dang!

Update 1/1/12 3:50 p.m.: Oops! Here's something we missed earlier, from one of the hands-down funniest folks writing for the internet or print media, or whatever:
Sorry about the inadvertent omission folks. Enjoy!


Dan S. said...

Thanks for a great summary and a great laugh, Rudi! After reading all these pieces and leaving comments under most of 'em on the S-E site, that's just what I needed.

Happy New Year!

Blackrulon said...

I note that the Charlie Trentlement  columun refers to those who disagree with Matthew Godfrey as haters.

rudizink said...

Sadly, that's a standard tactic for Godfrey apologists like Trentelman.

rudizink said...

Glad ya's liked it, Dan.  Here's back at'cha... and to everyone else who reads Weber County Forum:

Happy New Year.

Trentelman Sucks said...

You're right, Rudi.  Trentelman is a total DickWad.

Blackrulon said...

Since Mr. larsen likes to quote other people in defense of Matthew Godfrey I offer one he missed.  "Stupid is as stupid does". Forrest Gump

Danny said...

Here are the best quotes from all that is written in the articles mentioned.

From Becker,
I'd grade Hizzonah's administration out with a C+  and count the saddest
thing about his term in office is the opportunities squandered by his
confrontational approach to both public and Council relations.  That at
least did not serve the city well.

And I would add, Godfrey's style squandered what could have been a great political career.

From Schroeder,
Now [Godfrey supporter] Mr. Larsen has made it plain for all to see that he lives in his own private reality.

And I would add, that was true of so many of Godfrey's followers.

In both cases, the issue was that Godfrey and his supporters saw themselves as better than the rest of us, when they clearly weren't.  Had they shown a little humility, it could have all been so very different.

3 g farewell to them.

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Me said...

This is my comment.

Me said...

This is my comment.

Me said...

This is my comment.

Ogdensucks said...

Come on dude!  Don't leave the best out!  Post my response to Trentleman's column and let the chips fall where they may!

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