Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: After Protest, Congress Puts Off Movie Piracy Bill

A true "man bites dog story," if ever there ever was one

In response to last Thursday's WCF article, wherein we put the arm on our readers to sign the online petition urging congress to "deep-six" the pending SOPA and PIPA bills, we get the good news this morning from the Salt Lake Tribune:
Yesiree, folks. The People spoke up... and our congress-critters listened.

It's a true "man bites dog story," if ever there ever was one.


D_Dalton said...

 I'm afraid that this is a distraction and/or a bait and switch. It's nice to see everyone come together, for what seems to be a good cause, but realize this:

The tools already exist; megaupload went down this week and the DHS has taken down hundreds of websites without a court order.  Due process in these regards is already dead.

I have a whole lot more to say on the subject, but this will have to do for now. Please, though, realize that the ends and trajectory have not changed.

WCF Reader said...

This is way off topic, but interesting.

Here is a video of people leaving the Bountiful Temple last night.  A street without friction!

My daughter is in the small brown pickup at 3:40.

I was going to the temple myself that evening, driving down from Ogden, but when I noticed how hard it was snowing I said heck no!

Let this be a lesson.  Respect the weather!  When the weather changes, change your plans!

WCF Reader said...

(No, the small brown pickup is not mine.)

WCF Reader said...

The video is now on KSL.  They must also read this blog.

Blackrulon said...

The Senate version called PIPA was orginally cosponsored by Orrin Hatch. But he was able to do a 180 and vote against the bill.

rudizink said...

Thanks for the link, WCF Reader.  This video's definitely gone viral, with 326,346 YouTube views as of this moment.

D_Dalton said...

Well, here's another Greenwald piece that's (again) more articulate than I. Another meaty read.

He went further than I was willing to in my initial post re other civil liberties (think prerequisites here).

rudizink said...

Good catch, DD. Greenwald has done a bang-up job registering his take on the true dynamics behind NDAA, SOPA and PIPA as legislative action which merely "codified," or on the cases of SOPA and PIPA were merely intended by congressional proponents to codify) government powers which the executive branch "already (purportedly) has."

And no doubt about it... his summary paragraph is spot-on:

"Whatever else is true, those issues should be decided upon a full trial
in a court of law, not by government decree. Especially when it comes to
Draconian government punishments — destroying businesses, shutting down
websites, imprisoning people for life, assassinating them — what
distinguishes a tyrannical society from a free one is whether the
government is first required to prove guilt in a fair, adversarial
proceeding. This is a precept Americans were once taught about why their
country was superior, was reflexively understood, and was enshrined as
the core political principle:
“no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due
process of law.” It’s simply not a principle that is believed in any
longer, and therefore is not remotely observed."

It would be interesting to know what may have been going on behind the scenes in the Megaupload matter. Greenwald mentions a federal indictment, which would suggest to me that this matter may have been rolling aqlong for quite a while, and that the timing of tha website shutdown and asset seizure may have been merely coincidental. In this connection, it would be interesting to know whether the defendant in that case had any opportunity to respond regarding the website shutdown and asset seizure. Did the defendant have any opportunity to respond in court and to present evidence in opposition to the government's summary deprivation of property?

If so, the argument that the defendant's due process rights were violated is diminished, methinks.

If not, we have a real problem with liberty in America, no?

Thanks again for the Greenwald link, which fits neatly within our definition of "chewy," methinks.

Wondering said...

Another off topic post-the ceiling at Golds Gym is leaking. Why is Ogden City facilities there with a contractor?

rudizink said...

Good question, Wondering .  Did'ja write down the contractor's phone number off the sign on the door of the contractor's pick-em-up?

This is a phone call we'd be lighted to dial-out about.

Wondering said...

Mountain Valley Mechanical


Blackrulon said...

Perhaps they are  planning to flood the gym to build an olympic size pool in the spot?

BikerBabe said...

You would think ... off topic, WCF ... these Utah Drivers would get a clue with the 4th or 7th or 12th car spun out on the side of the road that it was a clue to slow down!!!



Smaatguy said...

could be warranty work.....Ogden City owns the building... who else should be expected to be there?  Should they just let it keep flowing?  I dont see anything out of order on this one.

Wondering said...

The city owns it, I am paying for it even though I was promised it was going to be a glorious success, should we at least open it seven days a week?

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