Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Officer's Funeral Today - UPDATED

Rest in Peace, Officer Jared Francom

Here are today's Standard-Examiner stories covering the 1/4/12 Ogden Shootings topic this morning, for the benefit of those readers who are closely following this still-developing story, or attending this morning's funeral:
Gotta confess the capable crew in the S-E "content center" (news room) is keepin' your blogmeister on his toes.

In accordance with the order of Governor Gary Herbert, we'll be flying the flag half-mast in our right sidebar today.

Rest in Peace, Officer Jared Francom.

Update 1/11/12 11:38 a.m.: This is pretty cool. Various folks, including some from the Northern Utah news media, are in attendance at the funeral/memorial service, twittering their live tweets:
Update 1/11/12 4:25 p.m.: Absolutely no introductory description is necessary for this, now that OPD Officer Francom has been laid to rest:

Remembering Ogden City Police Officer/Agent Jared Francom

Here's one last, final epitaph from Weber County Forum, however:
“Good-night sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”


Danny said...


It looks like my dictionary is faulty.  It defines a hero as somebody who sacrifices himself for others.  It doesn't say anything about a gang member employed by the government to bully citizens and bust in on them for growing a plant for medicinal use while showering the street with their automatic weapon fire.

According to my dictionary, this officer best fits the definition of a "pawn" or an "apparatchik".  Buy why would little kids be taken out of school to stand in the cold for hours (again, being given no choice) in order to honor a government thug?  Why would they be forced to do this for a "pawn", or even for a "hero" for that matter?  If a hero, why are they not forced to shiver in the cold for all the war veterans, like the accused man with no police record, for instance?

And why would the focus be on the fact that this man managed to copulate enough times to have some offspring as if this too is somehow rare and wonderful?  Or that having been born himself, he has relatives who will miss him?  How does that make him "special".  What does that word mean?

It is clear that I must once again toss another dictionary into the fire. 


Googler said...

An Open Message to Police & Military

Googler said...

An Open Message to Police & Military

Googler said...

Googler said...

An Open Message to Police & Military:

rudizink said...

C'mon boyz.  I first met Jared Francom at the "Copper Kettle," back in the "vangate days," when WCF was toiling to help the OPD "rank and file" beat down Boss Godfrey, and to persuade the City Council to put the rank and file cops back on the same payplan as all the other Ogden City employees.

Jared was a decent, dedicated, honest  and honorable guy.

If you're going to blame anybody about this fiasco, blame the police agency top brass, or the legislators who treat pot smokers as "dangerous criminals."

Whatever you do, however, don't blame dedicated officers like Jared.

Thanks in advance.

Danny said...

Thanks for the
“gentle” slap Rudi.


But the
issue is not this man’s decency.  It’s
not a question of whether it’s his fault that we have an appalling drug war or
that his leaders are jerks, which we do, and which they are.


The issue of
the articles is having these kids stand out in the cold for hours to wait for
his coffin to pass by, which is truly sick. 
All he did that night was grab a gun and join the gang of police to raid
that house, then be unlucky when the bullets flew, most of which were his colleagues’.  That’s not heroism.  It would have been heroism to refuse to
participate it this debacle.  Who knows
but what there are a few such heroes on the force whose names we will never
know.  Jared, at best, just followed


And being
respectful of his relatives cannot extend to being silent as these atrocities take


On the other
hand if somebody wants so say that emptying the schools to force innocents to
stand in the cold against their will is a fitting way to commemorate what he was a part of that night, I would not disagree with that.

rudizink said...

Here's my bottom line take, Danny.  I'm  NOT saying we shouldn't have this conversation at all here on WCF.

What I AM saying is that we should save it for another day.

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