Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: 2012 Utah Legislative Preview

Added bonus: The latest news from our friends at Utahns for Ethical Government

The Utah Legislature convenes for its regular 2012 session tomorrow morning; and we know all Weber County Forum political wonks are sitting on the edge of their seats, awaiting this year's wacky Capitol Hill hijinks. In that connection, The Salt Lake Tribune is running an informative 2012 legislative preview article series this morning, which we'll reel off in no particular order:
As an added bonus, here's the latest update from our friends at Utahns for Ethical Government, who are gearing up to seek a court order from Utah's 3rd District Court to force a very recalcitrant Lt. Governor Bell to place its UEG Citizens Ethics Reform Initiative on the upcoming 2012 Utah General Election Ballot, (among other things):
That's it on the Utah legislative front for now, folks.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.


Blackrulon said...

I, along with many people, got a questionaire from State Senator Allen Christensen this week. Forgetting the fact that it is sent just days before the session begins it is worder to elicit an basically predetrmined response. There are special committee meetings all during the year where legislation and policy is discussed prior to the general sessions. This is where directions are set. the questionairre is just window dressing with no real impact on what happens. None of the questions concerned GRAMA or ethics legislation. None of the questions addressed the folly of message bills that have little or no chance of being legal. It is easy for legislators to invite lengthy, friviouls or illegal bills that the taxpayers have to fund. The real problem is bills that do not receive a hearing or are pushed through without discussion or debate in open  forums.

Smattguy said...

Got the same one and used it instead of charmin.....about as good as the one from so called private property protecter Gage Froerer...

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