Monday, January 02, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Godfrey to Head Economic Development Consulting Firm

Boss Godfrey even now positions himself to feed at the public trough

For those Emerald City lumpencitizens who've been wondering what our lame duck Mayor Boss Godfrey will do with himself, after the City Hall screen door slaps him on the backside following tomorrow's induction of Mike Caldwell as Ogden City's new mayor, the Standard-Examiner breaks the suspense with this morning story, reporting that "One Trick Pony Godfrey" will remain in the economic development business, as president of his own "start-up consulting firm after he leaves office Tuesday":
Although Godfrey has repeatedly said he'd be entering the "private sector," Godfrey's distinction between "public" and "private" seems "fuzzy" at best, inasmuch as his business plan appears to depend heavily upon economic development, job creation and crime reduction "services," which would be logically marketed mainly toward "other communities," (besides Ogden?).

"Excited" that his new venture "will give him a chance to practice the [Big Government borrowing and spending] skills he developed while serving 12 years as [Ogden City] mayor," Boss Godfrey thus even now positions himself to feed at the public trough, along with his other "Special Friends":

Godfrey gleefully adds that "the company already has several clients, but declined to elaborate."

Yesiree, folks, we have no doubt that local public officials all across Utah will be eagerly queuing up in droves to learn how to build mountains of public debt, just like Ogden City, once the word gets out that Boss Godfrey has opened his new economic development shop.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that Godfrey's prospective client list will not include Mike Caldwell, of course, inasmuch as Ogden's credit card is already pretty much maxed out.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones...


FlunkedEnglish said...

When and where is the swearing in for the new mayor?

rudizink said...

Noon tomorrow in the City Council Chambers.

FlunkedEnglish said...


rudizink said...

Too funny.  One of our sharp-eyed and resourceful WCF readers informs us that Boss Godfrey's chosen corporate name, American Municipal Consultants, hasn't yet been issued by the Utah Department of Commerce.

His suggestion? Somebody located near the Department of Commerce building needs to get down there first thing tomorrow to register that name before Godfrey gets there.

Kinda like giving Boss Godfrey a little political "hotfoot," wethinks.

Hey... if somebody does that, it'll be "all in fun," right?

Ogden Lover said...

“I enjoyed making a difference,” he said. “If I can do that for other communities, it will be very rewarding.”  He means TO other communities, doesn't he?

Think the silent partner might be Gadi Leshem?

good_reader1 said...

So how will he roll his election campaign funds into his personal income without paying taxes?

Will his rental units come back under his name? Lots of un anserwed questions?

GodfreyPoliticalSlut said...

Good point, gr1.  Exactly how many cheap-ass rental properties DOES Boss Godfrey own in Ogden?

Bob Becker said...

Rudi, you are so short-sighted.  Just think of how many towns there are up and down the valley that are eager to build flatland gondolas from... well, from someplace to anyplace.   And who would know more about that than our soon-to-be former mayor?   As the city managers and mayors of Roy and Herriman and West Valley City and Hooper and the rest  line up, he'll have to put in a "take a number" system to handle the crowds.  And that doesn't even take into account all the city councils wondering why they can't have a year round outdoor ice climbing tower on their downtown streets too. Why, he may have to franchise!

You are so short-sighted.

Disgusted said...

Rudi you can register the name online today if someone wants to. Cost about $20 to reserve and $50 to own.

Blackrulon said...

Imagine Matthew Godfreys disappointment when he is informed that he cannot use BDO funds to finance his investment dreams.

rudizink said...

Who sez Godfrey can't siphon off BDO revenues?  Remember, Stuart Reid is still "managing" BDO.

Danny said...

All these snarky comments aside, this development is truly sad.

Godfrey, in all these months, has not been able to find a job.  So he will rent an office suite that only he will occupy, will put his name on the door, and will wait for the phone to ring.

I had thought he could do better. 

So he joins the Geigers, Leshem, Hitzig, and all his other kooky associates in the loser line with no job and no visible means of support.

This is really sad, folks.

On the other hand, let us make sure that our own government at least, does not give another dime to this loser.

Smaatguy said...

Office for one anyone?...doubtful....Betcha Stuart and Scott Brown crawl out from a rock out  of that offce....Any municipality looking to this so call "consulting" group for advice better better have thier heads examined and thier taxpayers hand on thier wallet....thought at least Boyer would offer him a janitorial job....this is going to be interesting to watch unfold

Knows Godfrey Too Well said...

I've been wondering the same, OL.  "Birds of a feather flock together,"  so I'm thinking it's either Gadi or Scott Brown who is his partner... 

Knows Godfrey Too Well said...

Smart Guy,  I understand that the Feds are looking for Scott Brown, so you won't see him -- he'll remain the silent, behind-the-scene and in the shadows partner.  Godfrey couldn't survive without his devious skills.

Dan S. said...

While I'm enjoying some of the tongue-in-cheek comments on this news, it's also important to think seriously about what it means for Ogden and for other government entities that might be dealing with American Municipal Consultants.

First, look at the name: American Municipal Consultants. The purpose of this company is for Godfrey to sell the specific knowledge and experience he has acquired running a municipal government.

What kind of knowledge and experience? "Economic development, job creation, and crime reduction." Whether accurately or not, Godfrey has acquired a reputation for being successful at these things over the last 12 years.

Sell to whom? "Clients in the public and private sectors." In other words, cities themselves and also private companies (developers, real estate speculators, etc.) who are hoping to make money off of cities. Godfrey is an expert in so-called "public-private partnerships".

What isn't so clear is whether Godfrey's clients are likely to be local (Ogden City itself and developers within the city), regional (other folks he's met as mayor), or national (people who have merely read about Godfrey and are impressed by his reputation). But I predict that one way or another, Godfrey will find clients. His reputation is real and that should be enough. Just look at how easily John Patterson found a better-paying job.

And what, exactly, will he advise his clients to do? The obvious answer is that he'll advise them to do exactly what he's been doing for the last 12 years. That would include a lot of legitimate things, and also many that are ethically questionable.

The only missing piece in this plan (or at least, in what we know about it) is the help that Godfrey will need. While he is smart and hard-working and unscrupulous, he doesn't come across well to most people and especially in public. So he absolutely needs to hire a "John Patterson" who shares his ethical principles but knows how to be nice to people. Then he can put that person in front of the microphone at city council meetings (for instance). If he does this, I predict his firm will be successful.

And the citizens, here or elsewhere, of the municipalities where he gets involved had better be on guard.

Bob Becker said...

Hmmmm.... maybe what's really needed is a consulting firm that advises municipalities on how to select good consultants.   Or are there already such things out there?

Biker Babe said...

just sort of wondering where the purported $500K is coming for start up $$ on his "start up consulting firm" ... heard this or something similar some point a little before the Primary Election ... and I figured right away: Uh-Oh! He's still going to be a regular visitor to council chambers, his old digs up on the 9th floor, and the council work room to be sure and to just name a few ... but I digress:

$500K from where ... hmmm



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