Friday, January 27, 2012

The Daily Show Indecision 2012 - 2012: A Space Oddity

"Daily Show" Mocks Newt Gingrich's Moon Idea

Too funny closing comment via Jon Stewart, alluding to some of Gingrich's morally troubling personal propensities:

I see what's going on here... Newt Gingrich did that global warming ad with Nancy Peolosi, realized that the earth is very sick, and now he wants to leave it for a younger planet...
Are American Republicans crazy enough to nominate the wacked-out Newt "Mr. Moonbase" Gingrich to run for the presidency under the GOP banner in 2012?

And yes. Some politically savvy and more "down to earth" folks are getting a pretty big kick outta this politically possible outcome, right?

So what say our ever-savvy Weber County Forum readers about all this?


blackrulon said...

I believe our GOP representatives see this not as a boondoggle but a chance to gain jobs for Utah citizens

rudizink said...

Exaxctly right, BR.  For these anti-federalsm GOP nutcases, a federal funds boondoggle is only a boondoggle whan it's earmarked for some other Non-Utah Senate or House District

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