Monday, January 28, 2013

A Coupla Chirpy Puff Pieces From the Standard-Examiner

Unlike Vegas, whatever happens in Ogden actually Stays in Ogden, right?

A couple of items of interest for Ogden City citizens this morning, folks, thanks to the Standard-Examiner, our venerable (Ogden, Utah) home-town newspaper:

1) In an astounding demonstration of municipal administrative accuity, the Mike Caldwell administration has reportedly identified a moribund pre-Boss Godfrey administration RDA project over in West Ogden, which Mayor Mike and the Ogden Economic Development Department Boyz are now targeting for rescuscitation, more or less. Read all about it in today's Mitch Shaw article:
Looking at the bright side, we'll just say that we're happy to observe that Mayor Caldwell actually realizes that Ogden City boundaries extend to include West Ogden, the area within Ogden City which was mainly ignored between 2000 and 2012, economic development wise, by Gondola Boy, Boss Godfrey, except for the 21st Street Ogden Pond, (now renamed Goode Ski Lake) which Caldwell's Mayoral predecessor, Boss Godfrey,  graciously gave away for a song, to one of his deserving political cronies.

2)  Fascinationg front-page story in this morning's S-E, just teasing the hell out of us all about a projected/expanded Ogden-Las Vegas/Las Vegas-Ogden Alliant Air Service expansion:
Just a little reminder to our friends from Vegas who might toy with the idea of flying up to Ogden for a weekend Snow Basin ski trip.  Whatever happens in Ogden actually Does Stay in Ogden, Right?

That's it folks!  We'll be standing on the sidelines awaiting more red meat political news... hopefully as early as tomorrow, with a little good luck.


Bob Becker said...

Not sure why Allegiant buying nine used planes constitutes front page news in Ogden ( business page at most), it is worth a note at least that Allegiant flies out of McCarren in Vegas, the main Vegas airport, unlike Phoenix where Allegiant flies not out of the main airport but out of a satelite airport nearby. Ogden/Vegas flights would give Ogden deoarting passengers access not only to Allegiant convenient connecting flights but to flights of all major airlines servicing McCarran, particularly to destinations Allegiant does not serve.

Marko said...

"Whatever happens in Ogden actually Does Stay in Ogden, Right?"

Well, that's not entirely true, Rudi, although that seems to be the situation in Salt Lake County, of all places:

Salt Lake sheriff to stop posting mug shots online

Blackrulon said...

Actually lots of things that happen in Ogden stay out of the Standard-Examiner.

Bob Becker said...

The problem with papers posting mug shots is this: the papers as a rule do NOT follow the cases involved beyond the booking. If the charge is dropped or the person is found not guilty, the papers do not run stories saying so. If they're going to post mug shots, papers should also report dropped charges and aquittals of those they've mugged... so to speak.

Smaatguy said...

Fairly presumptuous saying what a company might do....kinda like saying we have a business we are working with but cant tell you who it is....non event here until it is an event.

Bob Becker said...

Yup.  But the SE [you should excuse the expression]    reported such non-events often during the administration of Hizzonah, Mayor Godfrey.  There were companies in China or Mexico or where ever champing at the bit to come to Ogden and open new businesses here, but Hizzonah  couldn't say who they were or when, exactly, they'd arrive. And the SE printed the Mayor's claims, unvetted,   as news.   I think they've been a little more cautious since, having been burned by printing Godfrey press releases, unvetted, as news so often in the past only to see nothing happen.  This story for example, reports really only one event: Allegiant bought nine new used planes. And the lead says it "could" [a conditional] lead to Ogden/Vegas service in the future.  Could.

Granted, it reports Hizzonah, Mayor Caldwell, saying he expects the new service to begin in Ogden, sooner rather than later. But "expects" is still well short "Ogden Vegas Flights To Begin Soon" which would have likely been the headline on a Godfrey administration press release announcing the new service as a fact merely awaiting a few technical details to be ironed out before happening.

In short, the SE seems to have learned caution when dealing with Mayoral boosterism . This is good. 

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