Monday, January 21, 2013

Standard-Examiner Letter: Ogden Council Appreciates Dialogue in Police Incident

One Gentle Reader's reasoning - what's the council's?

By: Miffed Ogdenite

In regards to today's letter to the editor from the city council, in which the full council reminds everyone that the botched Hill family raid is the mayor's problem, but that they're all eagerly looking forward to reviewing the results of the Mayor's OPD internal investigation on this matter anyway (whenever it comes out), I would like to think a few of them thought:
That's my reasoning - what's the council's?

And what say our other ever-gentle WCF readers about all this?


Bob Becker said...

Couple of points:
First, the Council is right, oversight of the police dept is primarily an executive responsibility, as is investigating incidents like this. At this point, competing investigations by the Mayor's Office and Council would not serve tglhe public well.
Second: once the report is complete and made public, it will be the Council's job to review it and, if not satisfied with it, to consider Council action.
Third: the demand to know everything right now re: such incidents is understandable, but is often impossible and rarely serves the public interest.
Fourth: that said, the SE reported a little over a week ago I think that the OPD said the initial investigation was "virtually complete" and would probably be concluded Tuesday. Last Tuesday. We're nearly a week past that date now, and nothing. As well as nothing about why the date its own story reported has been missed. Nada. Is Our Home Town Paper on this or not? Has it even noticed that the OPD announced due date it reported is six days past? And if it has noticed, why hasn't it reported on why the results have not yet been released?

blackrulon said...

If Matthew Godfrey was still Mayor he would have a quick and easy answer to this problem. Spend city taypayer money and help  a outside builder(who cannnot be named at this time) finance a new downtown hotel,exercise center, mexican restaurant, gondola station, high tech, outdoor recreation ice tower.

blackrulon said...

The S-e is waiting for the story to be published in the SL Tribune. Then they will finally, after some delay, remeber that this was once considered mildly interesting local news.

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