Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Ogden Residents Rip 'Sloppy' Police Raids at Night

Many describe police agencies as rogue and out of control

As a followup to Monday's WCF announcement, both the Standard and the Tribune carry morning stories, reporting on the  Enough is Enough! protest rally, which went off as planned before the Ogden City Council last night:
Among the pleasant surprises reported this morning, we learn that the aggrieved Hill family,  Eric and Melanie, were personally present to relate their "harrowing" stories to the ever-attentive Council. 

A Weber County Forum Tip 'O The Hat to the Utah Liberty Institute for putting this all together.

Hopefully the knowledge that the steely-eyed and withering gaze of the the liberty-minded Ogden lumpencitizenry, which is keenly affixed upon this situation, will deter the tyrannical elements of local government from the temptation to sweep these matters under the rug.


rudizink said...

What? No comments? wake up, Ogden City Lumpencitizens!


blackrulon said...

One of the curious things about the story of the botched raid is why the S-E took so long to cover the story. The botched raid took place on December 20th 2012. The S-E did not have any information on the raid until the SL Tribune ran a AP story. It aapears that the management of the local paper still believes there is no problem if they do not inform there readership of these types of incidents. Will the S-E assaign a reporter to review the mayors ordered review of the police? Will they inquire how many of these raids take place. Will they inquire how they determine what type of raid is necessary?  Will they inquire about police practices, policies and procedures involved in planning and carrying out these raids? The S-E was successful in basically ignoring legal and ethical questions about the previous mayoral administration. Will they revert to old habits, ignore the problem and hope the public forgets?

Smaatguy said...

glad to see something hit the fan on the question is will it get shoved under the rug....internal "investigation" ya know.  Proof will be in the pudding...outside investigation, some heads rolling and major changes in how these jack boot invasions take place....

Danny said...

I think we need to give Mayor Caldwell time.  Let's see what he comes up with in reining in these abuses.

Meanwhile, the citizen can rein them in himself.  Buy only armor piecing ammunition.  Alternatively, use high-brass, double O buckshot with a shot barreled gun and aim for the neck and head.  Do our good men in blue the favor of making sure they don't run out of policemen to name public buildings after.

If that doesn't work, start taking out the do-nothings on the city council who pay millions for our home-town Gestapo.  Eventually, these SOBs will all be dead and someone decent can take over.

There, that's easy enough, isn't it?

blackrulon said...

A perfect example of why crazy people should not be allowed to own weapons.

Danny said...

Actually, calling somebody crazy for suggesting how people can defend themselves from being killed by police, all while innocent people are being murdered in their homes by the police, seems crazy to me.

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