Monday, January 14, 2013

More Bad News For Utah Attorney General Swallow

Scathing Utah Herald Editorial; Harry Reid denies Jeremy Johnson allegations; U.S. Attorney’s Office is playing it "coy" about possible Swallow prosecution

Strong editorial in yesterday's Provo Herald, following up on yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune stories, and urging newly-elected GOP Attorney General John Swallow to resign:
The Herald is pulling no punches on this. Frankly we don't recall such a scathing rebuke of any elected Utah official from any Utah newspaper within memory:
Newly elected Utah Attorney General John Swallow is entangled in a corrupt tale of influence peddling and potential bribery that should alarm every Utahn...

The allegations against Swallow have sufficient legs, even now before every detail has been uncovered, to justify his immediate resignation. His reputation is now seriously tainted, and that is an impossible thing to overcome for an attorney general...

Please spare us the pain, Mr. Swallow, and get out now. You can't be trusted....

The Salt Lake Tribune deserves the highest praise for revealing sleaze to the people of Utah. It has done credit to itself as a watchdog of government, and the people of this state should be grateful.
Unjustly accused, LOL?
Whew;  you get the drift, we hope. It'd be nice, wouldn't it, if the Provo Herald editorial board would crawl outta their shell and let us know how they really feel about Utah A.G. Swallow, no?

And the Salt Lake Tribune this morning adds more "grist" to the discussion "mill."  Seems Senator Harry Reid don't know nuttin' from nuttin' about any influence peddling/bribery scheme.  "These unsubstantiated allegations implying Senator Reid’s involvement are nothing more than innuendo and simply not true," sez Kristen Orthman, Reid's spokeswoman.

Fascinating subplot playing out in this story too.  Although the U.S. Attorney’s Office is playing it "coy" about whether it is investigating or intending to prosecute Utah A.G. Swallow, it's emphatic in its denial that there has ever been any agreement not to prosecute. "It has been reported that federal prosecutors informally agreed not to prosecute John Swallow. This assertion is completely untrue," sez Eric Holder's office, according to this morning's Trib story (thereby leaving the door open for "guess what?")

Gets interestinger and interestinger, dunnit?


David D. said...

"The Salt Lake Tribune deserves the highest praise for revealing [the Swallow] sleaze to the people of Utah."

Simply beauteous!

Ogdentaxpayer said...

This is so minor. Why should this be an issue?  We watched the  State Treasure candidate bribe others to win.

Danny said...

Look at the picture of Swallow and ask yourself,

"Would you leave this man alone with something you value?  Would you feel comfortable with this man regularly babysitting your early teen children?  Would you feel comfortable changing your clothes in a gym if this man was present?" 

Well, would you?

sam said...

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