Friday, January 18, 2013

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Swallow Scandal a Cesspool

Sodden Query: Is the S-E editorial board simply too gutless to hold a powerful but crooked State Level GOP politician's feet to the fire?

Notable but slightly tepid editorial in our home-town newspaper, (the Standard-Examiner,) commenting on "what a political cesspool John Swallow, and other prominent Utah pols, swim in." While the S-E editorial board cautiously refrains from following the "gutsy" lead of the Provo Herald and Salt Lake Tribune, and thus fails to demand Swallow's immediate resignation, the Standard does the next best thing, we suppose, and urges that Utahns take another look at enacting limits on campaign donations, and that voters guard against "slim" 'candidate "qualifications," such as those that John Swallow possessed, when he was elected to the Utah Attorney General's slot in November 2012 with a $1million+ campaign warchest:
As mentioned, this is a tawdry affair of the powerful associating themselves with those who throw money at them. It’s another reason why Utah needs limits on campaign donations. It’s sickening that Johnson was able to dole out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Utah’s attorney general. Also, the Swallow affair begs that voters pay more attention to candidates’ qualifications and accomplishments. Other than his tenure as Shurtleff’s deputy, Swallow was known as a political deal maker, lobbyist and attorney for Check City, Rawle’s company. Those are slim qualifications to be Utah’s AG.
Read the full S-E editorial here:
So what about it, Weber County Forum readers? Did the Standard play it smart in failing to demand Swallow's resignation, or is the S-E editorial board simply too gutless to hold a state level GOP politician's feet to the fire?


blackrulon said...

In todays SL Tribune story on Mr. Swallow it comes out that he had meetings with the principals involved and made  telephone calls to advance the lobbying?. It is estimated that Mr. Swallow spent 100 hours on the scheme. As a state assistant attorney general(state employee) did he do any work for the lobbying effort while being paid by Utah taxpayers instead of doing his state job?

Ed F. said...

Gutless over at the Substandard Exaggerator.

Bruce M. Stewart-Edwards said...

Chirp,  Chirp

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