Sunday, January 06, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Police Sorry For Hitting Wrong House, But Veterans Say Officer Safety Comes First

Simple stuff: Combine and balance "officer safety"and "public safety" and come up with a well thought out plan before you go serve a warrant in the middle of the night

By: Smaatguy

Check out the Standard-Examiner headline article today... amazed at the re-direction of the law enforcement department heads trying to turn the focus from what they did by looking for sympathy....
One simple thing they could do is to quit doing these raids in the middle of the night! Why can't they get that through their thick skulls.... dumbfounded by the arrogance in the department.

Looking at the article again "officer safety must come first"... I can agree with that.... I can also agree with the "public safety must come first."  Now combine and balance those two and come up with a well thought out plan before you go serve a warrant in the middle of the night.  Say something like... do it in the day... bring a helmet cam... check out the county's property tax info... simple stuff.


blackrulon said...

The response of a police spokeman was to blame soeone else for the problem. "Its driven by how much the news media tries to take advantage of it, to be honest". Perhaps a thorough review of police practices, policies and procedures is needed. However letting the OPD investiage theselves will not yield any tangabile change. Blaing the media for reporting the problem is akin to saying the UHP had no problem with officer Lisa Steed until the media reported the problem.

AWM said...

Wow...OPD reps went and stood in front of the press and stated  this publically? If they have a public affairs rep and if the response was vetted through that office that buffoon should be unemployed by COB tomorrow. As for "officers safety coming first" your own inept actions that becomes a secondary concern if you show up on the wrong door step at o230hrs. This clowns reply would be laughable if they didn't have guns and the force of law behind them.

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