Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Political Situation Continues to Deteriorate for Poor Ole Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Whoa.  The political situation continues to deteriorate for poor ole Utah Attorney General John Swallow, who just eight days ago took the Utah Oath of Office, and technically at least, became Utah's Numero Uno law enforcement authority (top cop.)

Again, as during the last few days, two more politically-withering stories appear in the Salt Lake Tribune today. We'll reel out these new ones, in no particular order of importance:

1) Following the lead of the usually right-wing nutcase Provo Herald, The Salt Lake Trib editorial board yesterday also called for John "Pureheart" Swallow's resignation too:
2) So certain it is that this seriously creepy guy Swallow will be investigated and indicted by U.S. Justice Department officials, that the politically beleagued John Swallow himself suggests that the Salt Lake U.S. Attorney's office investigate him themselves:
That's it for now.  We'll check back more about John Swallow's weak political position later.


    blackrulon said...

    What a surprise. Former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff would have just ignored the problem until the statue of liimations had passed and then reported he could not do anything about the problem.

    Danny said...

    The Salt Lake Tribune says this,

    "He was then, and is now, an attorney tasked with representing the
    interests of all Utah citizens, not just a few well-placed ones."

    Huh?  Since when?  Here in Utah? 

    It's nice to see that the SL Trib finally has it right.  But I have to ask, what happened?  For as long as I've been here the Utah Attorney General has been the legal concierge for the state Republican Party elite -  the "fixer", as the Trib says.

    Could this be a beginning of a ray of light in the darkness?

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