Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Police Apologize for Raid on Wrong House

We'll be sitting on the edge of our seats, we guess, awaiting the outcome of Chief Ashment's internal investigation.

Following up on Saturday's disturbing Salt Lake Tribune story, which reported how one Ogden family was rousted and terrorized by the Ogden Police in the middle of the night on December 20, 2012, we'll shine the spotlight on yesterday's Standard-Examiner writeup, fleshing out new developments in the case:
Yep, Ogden's top cop, "Police Chief Mike Ashment, has apologized for six armed officers serving a warrant on the wrong house and traumatizing two young girls who still won’t sleep in their own beds;" and the case is now undergoing a "departmental investigation."  And weirdly, there appears to be a wide divergence in the reported facts.  Suddenly, the OPD  "don't know nuttin' from nuttin'" about any rifles and shotguns, it seems.

Ashment says, "...we don’t want people afraid of the police,” although frankly, it's mite late for that, wethinks.

Nevertheless, we'll be sitting on the edge of our seats, we guess, awaiting the outcome of Chief Ashment's internal investigation.

We'll also note parenthetically that the homeowner and victim, Eric Hill, is reportedly refraining from communicating with Chief Ashment or the OPD, which might be an indication, we'll speculate, that Mr. Hill may have already "lawyered up," (which ain't a half bad idea under this set of facts, as far as we're concerned).


blackrulon said...

When Matthew Godfrey was Mayor and Jon Greiner was Police Chief they would check license plates to see who owned the vehicle.

Danny said...

It seems there were mistakes made.  The police department seems contrite and they apologized.  If they fix the problem and try to insure proper conduct in the future then that would settle this issue for me.

Smaatguy said...

BIG mistakes were made and continue to be in doing your own investigation.  Doing a 2:30 am raid...seems they haven't learned how that works out yet.  This could have been a much worse situation that was luckily avoided....and the apology was half assed at best..imho....wonder if there were any hemet cams that night....lets see some facts.

BikerBabe said...

 Crimeny! they said: if he was holding a firearm instead of a bat, he would be dead right now.

out loud. in front of children and everyone.



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