Thursday, May 09, 2013

Angry Parents Confront Ogden Superintendent Over Media Specialist Jobs

Ogden School District Superintendent/Lumpencitizen meetups:  A helpful tactic; or just another exercise in futility?

As a followup to Tuesday's WCF writeup, wherein we announced that Ogden School District Superintendent Brad Smith had issued "upset local school library-excellence lumpencitizen proponents 'command performance invitations' for additional "in-office" browbeatings," the Standard carries a story this morning reporting that "[c]lose to 140 angry parents and community members showed up Wednesday morning for a meeting with Ogden School District Superintendent Brad Smith, to urge him and district officials to reconsider the decision that, if approved in June, will cost the district’s 20 certified media specialists their jobs." Superintendent Smith caught a three-hour ear-full, according to Nancy Van Valkenberg's post-meeting story:
As an added bonus for those who are closely following developments in this riveting Ogden School District media specialist/librarian "massacre" flap, the Standard also provides this "companion" video story:

So what about it, folks?  Does it appear, based upon this morning's reportorial evidence, that  Superindendant Smith has in any manner "budged" from his decision to give our Ogden school librarians the ax? Or will yesterday's meeting, and this morning's Heather Turner meetup, amount to just another couple of more exercises in futility?


Lisa said...

This isn't just about cutting jobs, this about implementing CC. It doesn't account for media specialists, or any other specific need that any particular child would need. If parents had gotten involved sooner, they wouldn't be panicked over what's coming or what's being dismissed. Ogden School District isn't the only one in big trouble!

blackrulon said...

That certainally wasn't how Smith though his announcement would go. Does her realize that some of the upset parents will also have students in the one class he will be teaching?

blackrulon said...

Don't blame people for lack of involvement. It is only lately that the Ogden School District has made the situation this dire. The school board seems to be more interested in protecting themselves than teaching our students.

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