Friday, May 24, 2013

Breaking: Matthew David Stewart Returns to The Hands of His Creator - Updated

So much unnecessary pain and sorrow, all due to our society's idiotic preoccupation with a relatively innocuous God-given herb 

Heart-breaking announcement just received via email from the family of defendant Matthew Stewart:
Free at last...
Our family regrets to announce that our son Matthew David Stewart is in the hands of his creator after a long and courageous battle with a corrupt and arrogant judicial system. He was supposed to be considered innocent until he was proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately this system has become so perverted that those people that are in power are able to lie, justify their actions after purposely violating someone's civil rights and the rights we are supposed to be protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. After the obtaining an illegal search warrant by providing false information, an assault on his home by a gang of thugs and his inhumane treatment at the Weber County Correctional Institute, along with the recent loss of an unfair and unjust ruling by the court claiming they were “harmless errors”, Matthew gave up hope of his ever getting justice in his case.

Our hearts go out to all of those who believed in Matthew and appreciate both their financial and unwavering support by all of those who knew him and those who did not have the pleasure to know what a free and loving spirit he had. It is another devastation to all of us that comes with the territory in trying to fight the tyranny of a one sided corrupt system of government where those in power will cover up their mistakes and justify their actions at any cost. Even when they know the truth of their deceit they will cover it up and protect those who are responsible in an effort to preserve this system that they have created.

Matthew is not in any more physical and emotional pain and free from this world of hurt and unfairness. May those who were responsible for the terrible actions of January 4, 2012, have it on their consciences and it is hoped that they will be continually reminded and that someday they will answer for their crimes against humanity.

The Michael Stewart Family
Our most sincere and deeply-felt condolences to family, friends and supporters of Matthew Stewart.

So much unnecessary pain and sorrow, all due to our society's idiotic preoccupation with a relatively innocuous God-given herb.

So long Matthew... another life needlessly lost in the Failed War on Drugs.

Another life lost in the
Failed War on Drugs

Update 5/24/13 9:00 a.m.:  The Standard-Examiner is now the first of the Utah print media to provide at least some meager coverage of the latest sad development in this tragic story:
Update 5:24/13 9:31 a.m.:  The Tribune is now all over the story too:

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