Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Victory! Line Item Budget Posted on Ogden City Web Site

Ogden City officials seem to be now belatedly doing what they "ought" to have done months,  if not years ago

Whoa! Talk about arguably too-long-coming, common-sense political victories... as we now learn from the '"blog offshoot" of Dan Schroeder's totally squeaky-clean Ogden Ethics Project website that Ogden City officials are even now belatedly doing what they "ought" to have done months (if not years) ago in the first place:
Yes, indeed.  You can confirm with your own eyes that the formerly secret line item budget, which Dan S. "pried out" through an effort involving blood, sweat and tears, is now right "up there" (in two parts) on the Ogden City website:
So now that you've read all about it, whaddaya think, O Gentle Ones?

And whatever you do... don't let the cat get yer tongues...

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Blogden said...

Congratulations Dan. I believe the work you have done through GRAMA and continued holding people's feet to the fire has gotten this accomplished. Without a line item budget, there is no logical method available to determine if things are being hidden, or not.

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