Friday, May 31, 2013

Time for Candidates to Declare in Utah Municipal Elections

Still plenty of time for Ogden City Lumpencitizens to carefully think it over and then get your council candidacy papers on file

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We'll let this morning's Davis County-oriented Salt Lake Tribune story serve as a reminder to the citizens of Ogden concerning one of the most important biennial events once again coming up on the Utah political calender in 2013. "If you’re interested in running for a city office, it’s almost time to throw your hat in the ring. The candidate filing period for potential [Utah] mayors and council members is June 1-7. Because city halls are closed on weekends, candidate have just five days — June 3-7 during business hours — to submit a declaration of candidacy in person," reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

As per normal, we've heard a fair amount of grousing about Ogden City politics over the course of the two years since the last Ogden Municipal election of course. So if you're a civic-minded citizen who'd like to roll up your sleeves and step up to "set things right," from the vantage-point of an Ogden City Council seat, now's the time to file your Declaration of Candidacy papers.

For the particulars concerning Ogden City candidate filings, we'll helpfully include this informational section, gleaned straight from the Ogden City Municipal Elections page, which we've slightly modified to include the names and linked profiles of those sitting Ogden City Council incumbents whose seats are "up for grabs" this year:
Positions to be voted upon in 2013 Municipal Elections:
All positions are for a four-year term.

Candidate Filing period begins June 3, 2013 and ends June 7, 2013.  Declaration of Candidacy must be filed in person at the Ogden City Recorder’s Office located at 2549 Washington Boulevard, Suite 210 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Now? Or later never?
Whatever you may think about Utah's weirdly-shortened Declaration of Candidacy filing "opportunity window," with a full week remaining before next Friday's filing deadline, there's still plenty of time for conscientious, civically-dedicated (and possibly disgruntled) Ogden City lumpencitizens to carefully think it over and then get your candidacy papers on file.

That's it for now folks; but we will inquire of our gentle readers:  Is there anyone in particular whom any of you would like to see throw their hat into the ring? Professor Schroeder perhaps [grin]? Howbout WCF "leading lights" Bob Becker, Blackrulon, Danny or Smaatguy?


Bob Becker said...

Thank you for throwing my blue helmet into the ring. Unfortunately, my campaign to become the Dear Leader of the Greater North American Co-Prosperity Sphere leaves no time for municipal campaigning. ( Do you have any idea how much time it takes to locate places near LaVerkin where black helicopters can land sight-unseen carrying UN-speaking troops? And posting those bar codes on the back of stop signs all over the state saying where gun-owning Christians live so they can be swiftly dis-armed takes an unreal amount of time every day.)

rudizink said...

"Dear Leader of the Greater North American Co-Prosperity Sphere"? Great turn of a phrase. Ya better believe "I'm" gonna write that one down so's I don't forget it.

blackrulon said...

I am beginning to have serious doubts about your judgement if you seriously believe that i should be trusted with any authority or responsibility. Besides I hated going to meetings or working nights.

Danny said...

That's the problem with "public service" today. It's all meetings - all suitably gamed by bureaucrats.

Sit there and listen to dullness and inanity until you don't even care if life goes on (takes about 10 minutes).

So the first qualification is you have to love meetings, and be dumb, but I repeat myself.

Disqualifies me on at least one count.

Bob Becker said...

Most of the work of the city council goes on before the meetings convene. And such meetings as are held are public, so that Council actions are visible and on the record. Hard put to think of a better way to do things.

smaatguy said...

Lol...My mantra would be "well, this us bullish..". I'd get impeached on day one.

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