Friday, May 03, 2013

Utah Will Miss the Nuns — and the Nuns Will Miss Utah

Interesting political time in Utah, dont'cha think?

Gone, but not forgotten
Inasmuch as they have been "with us" for so danged long, here's a hearty Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the lovely Sisters of the Benedictine variety.  We hate to see them go.  They've clearly added some "sensible" and "old-school" Christian diversity to the sometimes-toxic religious mix in Utah; and even with a little extra effort upon their imminent departure, needless to say, their "kind hearts" won't be easily replaced:
Most certainly, their loving influence will be sorely missed. They're not your typical "sisterly" Relief Society group, if you know what we mean; and we think you do.

So what's next for Utah, now that our very bestest Utah Catholic sisters will have very soon ditched Utah's religious ship?
Interesting and even a possibly revolutionary political time in Utah, dont'cha think?

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Stevan Madrigal said...

My own knuckles having been 'blessed' by the Sister of the Incarnate Word at St. Ann's, I thank all the sisters for the years of service.

smaatguy said...

Amazing women. God bless'em.

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