Thursday, May 23, 2013

Both the D-News and the Standard Offer Their Editorial Blessings to Utah Political Candidate Nomination Reform

It's great to know that both the D-News and the Standard will beating the drum right alongside us, innit?
No one is arguing that a candidate shouldn’t have a right to get nominated at a state convention, but it needs to be with an overwhelming majority of state delegates. Sixty percent is not an overwhelming majority. A generation ago, state Republicans required 70 percent of delegates’ support to avoid a primary. It’s a pity that GOP delegates couldn’t move the nominating bar closer to that percentage. In an ironic twist, it may soon require voters to correct that.
Standard-Examiner Editorial
Our View: Caucus reform moves closer
May 21, 2013
At the convention, one delegate summed up the opposition to caucus reform by saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." His opinion seems to reflect that of the delegate majority, who wield a tremendous amount of power in selecting GOP candidates. Apparently, they feel a system that grants them such influence at the expense of the input of thousands of primary voters is one that needs to be protected rather than fixed.
Deseret News Editorial
In our opinion: Reforms are needed
May 23, 2013

Not so easy as you might think.
As a follow-up to our Sunday Weber County Forum article, in which we discussed the dissapointing results of Saturday's Utah State Republican Party Convention, during which "a staunch 55% of 'nearly 2600' Utah GOP convention delegates among other things, drew a line in the sand, refused to 'cave to threats,' and 'passed up' the golden opportunity to usher the Utah GOP's nominating process (albeit kicking and screaming), straight into the the 21st Century," we'll note that it appears the political battle lines are already being drawn a short five days post-convention, as both the Standard-Examiner and the Deseret News have carried strong editorials over the past several days, offering their editorial blessings to the percipient Count My Vote Utah petition drive, which aims to wrest control of the Utah political nominating process from Utah's often extremist caucus-elected convention delegates and re-deliver it to Utah's presently disenfranchised "thousands of primary voters" (where it actually belongs, we'll add). It's also significant, we believe, that we're already witnessing two of Northern Utah's more politically conservative news organizations lining up on the side of voter-driven Utah political nomination process reform:
We'll be standing by awaiting word on where and how Utah Lumpenitizens can participate in the Count My Vote Utah political reform movement, by passing around petitions and/or "affixing your signatures thereto."

In the meantime, however, it's great to know that both the D-News and the Standard will beating the drum right alongside us, innit?

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Ogden Lover said...

Having all the disgruntled Republicans who don't like the caucus' candidates vote Democrat would certainly be a wake up call. Of course, I suspect they believe that pulling that Dem lever would damn them immediately to hell.

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