Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Breaking: Obstreperous Ogden School System Excellence Advocates "Called to the Principal's Office"

Torches and pitchforks will be de riguer, of course

It’s with considerable interest that we'll make note of a coupla new developments in the Ogden School District media specialist/librarian "massacre" flap, as we learn this morning that OSD "headsman" Brad Smith has issued to upset local school library-excellence lumpencitizen proponents "command performance invitations"  for visits to his office for additional "in-office" browbeatings. One additional closely-related purpose, we suppose? To receive proper indoctrination straight from the mouth of OSD's top-paid administrative bureaucrat (and a few lackey Ogden School Board cronies) on the topic of why Ogden City schools should strive to be second-rate, of course:

1) "Concerned" parents of Ogden City school-kids are "invited" to "turn themselves in" promptly at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, according to this morning's Nancy Van Valkeburg story:
Parents invited to meet with Brad Smith
There's no word, unfortunately, whether "nonparents" will be shut out of this meeting.

OSD Boss "Requests" Meetings
2) And from the "OSD Retain Certified Librarians in our schools district wide" petition website we've gleaned this tidbit of information concerning a special, individual, non-public spanking calendered for Thursday (May 9) at 10:30 a.m., as the particularly obstreperous petition organizer Heather Turner has been "called to the principals's office,, it seems:
Meeting Request from our Super Intendent
Heather Turner
by Heather Turner
Petition Organizer

Hello All,
Super Intendent, Brad Smith, has agreed to meet with me this Thursday at 10:30 a.m. I am looking forward to this meeting to discuss their proposal to remove all Certified Librarians from Elementary and Junior High schools. If you have ideas or suggestions concerning the budget, please post them on the petition website so that we can work together in this.
Thank you for your efforts.
Heather Turner
Although this latter event is billed as a private, closed-door tongue lashing, we see no reason at all why school librarian-friendly Ogden School System Excellence Advocates with a little free time on their hands shouldn't plan to mill around Smith's office Thursday morning to render their support.

Torches and pitchforks will be de riguer, of course:

Time to get your lumpencitizen protest props & garb outta mothballs, wethinks.

The floor's open, O Gentle Ones, as always.


Christina Morales said...

He will meet with you, act like he's on your side, and make promises that will last only until you walk thru his door and leave. He will then send you a email thanking you and telling you that he still will have it his way! Many of us had this useless experience!

rudizink said...

Thanks for the reality check, Christina.

blackrulon said...

I hope that the meeting time will not conflict with his one scheduled teaching class. it would be a bad start to send a sub teacher on the forst day of class.

Ray said...

He has had a couple of PR sessions on KSL's Doug Wright radio show presenting his "side" w/o serious challenge from the host.

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