Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday Morning Weber County Forum News Roundup

Sage editorial advice for Senator Christensen; harsh lessons in Utah civics for one eighth-grader; and local cops "dress up" like combat troops and pretend to be actual "tough-guys"

We've rounded up a few interesting local news stories this morning, just to give our ever-restless WCF readers a little something to chew on this morning. Here they are, reeled out in no particular order of importance, if only to set your idle tongues all awaggin':

1) Strong editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner, urging State Sen. Allen Christensen, R-North Ogden, erstwile winner of the 2013 Elmer Fudd lookalike contest, to exercise some restraint and to "chill" on his "solemn" vow "to make sure a bill vetoed by the governor — that allows to carry a concealed, unloaded gun without a permit — is passed early in next year’s legislative session":
The Standard advises "Christensen, and others who support an HB76-type bill to "avoid the attitude of 'this-bill-is-just-fine-as-it-is,'” "take the long break before next year’s legislative session," "really talk to the public about their proposal," and "provide sensible arguments as to why Utah gun laws are so insufficient that an HB76-type remedy is needed;" and wethinks the Standard is exactly right about this.

And why do we question the wisdom of a bill which would allow all Utah "adults" to pack their 2d Amendment heavy artillery concealed?  The unassilable fact that some Utah "adults" just "might" be a "mite" more "adult"  than some other "adult" Utahns  will effortlessly provide our "nutshell" rationale, we'll suppose:

Yep. That just about sums it all up, que no?

Fatcat OSD Bureaucrat #1
2) Harsh lessons in Utah civics were learned by a Mount Ogden Junior High eighth-grader this week, or so the Standard reports, as a concerned and enterprising Ogden school-kid had the audacity to tangle with an intransigent Ogden School District Supervisor Brad Smith (Official motto: dumbing down Utah schoolkids 20 librarians at a time) over Smith's gutting of the OSD library system.  What's clear is that Smith's mind is already made up, despite Emery Young's veritable laundry list of good ideas.  And Smith's solution to OSD's funding problem?  Send a pack of fat-cat school administrators on a junket  to the University of Virginia, to bone up on further leading-edge "school turnaround" strategies, we suppose:
A Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the young Emery Young, however. It's quite encouraging, wethink, to observe a fresh new generation of steely-eyed Ogden City political activists rising up.

3) Mind boggling puff-piece in the Standard, featuring a small array of pictures showing local cops dressed up like combat troops and touting "the first weeklong training session of the fledgling Tactical Operations Group, which is planned to be an annual event":
“We want to inoculate these guys to everything that could happen as realistically as possible,” says Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force and TOG administrator Troy Burnett, thus prompting this sodden blogmeister query:
"Are these fellers devoting any time at all, as part of their 'simulated' door-kicking warrant service practice, toward 'innoculating' themselves in the direction of developing the 'highly-practical' preliminary skill of finding the right friggin' 'simulated address' in the first-place?"
Somehow, we suspect not...

Just a thought...


blackrulon said...

"We have met the enemy and he is us."Pogo (Walt Kelly)

Ah'm Confused said...

So which is it, Rudi? Is Allen Christensen the winner of the Elmer Fudd lookalike contest, or is Elmer Fudd the Allen Christensen lookalike contest winner?

Suffice it to say, Ah'm Confused.

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