Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weber County Forum "Puff-Piece" Update: The Most Porn-Loving Religious Cities In The Country

Hey Gentle WCF Readers! You already  know how we LOVE Ogden City "Puff-Pieces." Oh yes, regular WCF readers, we surely do.

Kevin "Hot-tub" Garn*
Thusly, here's your blogmeister's  latest "pick" on that subject, submitted by another sharp-eyed WCF reader, of course.  And so we therefore put this "up front," for our gentle readers' un-ending amusement:
This one hits it pretty much outta the ballpark, don'tcha thinks?

Figures in Utah politics, dunnit?
* Former Utah House Majority Leader Kevin "Hot-tub" Garn


blackrulon said...

Sure it looks bad but people in Utah save their hard earned money. They tend to only visit the free porn sites.

Bob Becker said...

12 out of 12? How embarrassing. We 've got to do better, people. As a community we have to here and now resolve that we will not rest until Clearfield/Ogden is Number One! So let's all get out those credit cards and get going on line. It's a matter of civic pride.....

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