Monday, May 06, 2013

Online Petition to the Ogden School District: Retain Certified Librarians in Our Schools District-wide

You know what to do. Do it on the internet

Thanks to a tip from yet another sharp-eyed and alert WCF reader, we're delighted to report this morning about a new and highly encouraging development concerning the ongoing Ogden School District media specialist/librarian "massacre" flap. It was inevitable, we suppose, that some enterprising Ogden lumpencitizen would get around to putting together an online petition; and surely as the night follows the day, we find that one such such civic-minded person, aka Heather Turner, has done just exactly that.

You know what to do...
Do it on the internet
You know what to do.  Do it on the internet:
Tell our Ogden School District administrative fatcats (and their Ogden School Board lapdogs)  that you'll  tolerate neither the "gutting" of the OSD library system," nor their continuing knuckle-headed policy of  "educating" Ogden City school-kids "on the cheap."

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