Thursday, July 18, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - Episode XXXIV: Post-Special Session Wrap-up

The latest news concerning the ever-entertaining John Swallow Three-ring Circus

In the aftermath of yesterday's Utah legislative special session, here's a wrap-up of the latest news concerning the ever-entertaining John Swallow Three-ring Circus:

"The House committee investigating Attorney General John Swallow will include a former Utah State Bar president, a cop and House leaders from both parties. House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, appointed the nine-member panel Wednesday, launching the unprecedented investigation that ultimately could pave the way for impeachment of the state’s top cop":
For a concise overview of the happenings in yesterday's special legislative session, check out this ABC4 video, wherein Eric Ethington of talks about what happened yesterday at the Capitol regarding the investigation into alleged wrongdoings by Utah Attorney General John Swallow:

Fascinating developments in a couple of the the John Swallow Three Ring Circus "sideshows":

Citing "appearance of impropriety" which "could compromise the entire case," the Attorney General’s office announced yesterday that they are stepping aside in the prosecution of convicted fraudster Mark Sessions Jenson who has leveled numerous allegations against Attorney General John Swallow:
"Scandals involving Attorney General John Swallow produced an interesting side effect Wednesday." Surprise of surprises, "[t]he Legislature had a serious committee discussion about limiting campaign donations in Utah, one of only four states with no such caps":
That's it, for now, folks...

Update 7/18/13 5:00 p.m.: The Standard leads off with the local angle:


Sid said...

You missed a truly great one, Rudy!
Larry Herman ( Bozo the clown)

Alan said...

With a majority of Republicans on the "Hard to Swallow" investigation, I predict a slap-on-wrist cover-up.

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